Have you updated any other drivers on your system lately – USB drivers or motherboard firmware updates – that may have changed USB port settings? Posted January 2, Here is what I have found including links in case you are having the same issues. I’m busy working on my blog posts. What did I learn? Odourboy, I hear from various owners of the hog. There was a work around in the TM message to me that dealt with apparent problems that this new power management arrangemnet of the USB ports that Win 8.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. I attempted this with both since there is some mention that the 3. Did not work either; the firmware update kept failing at step 2 with error 0xc.

The Warthog Flight Stick Wiring Issue – Windows 10 | starcitizen

This causes problems, loading, disconnecting and reloading devices to the computer seemingly randomly. I was having issues with another sim receiving inputs from the stick. The axis controls work but none of the buttons. But sometimes the values are locked at by after I log in to Windows bkotloader.


The newest wart hog looks very good indeed. This is simply an awesome controller. Mon Feb 09, 2: As you may know, the new motherboard had predominantly USB 3 slots, and as you probably won’t know, Win 8. After the driver was successfully installed, please to a firmware following the instructions below: I have a Saitek X and sometimes it ‘looses’ its firmware.

We will send you the payment request as soon as we receive the requested payment details. I’ve had this stick for just under a year now and I can say, as Luc has already mentioned, it is a no brainer. Posted November 11, I sent an email, in my despair, to TM support. You may find information there. The computer suddenly became unstable when it booted up with the USB peripherals attached. Sorry I’ve no direct advice.

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The second thing I did related to the way Win 8. I have been having the same problem with the X All times are UTC. I know of about three failures but a couple of them related to early firmware issues that affected more people than that.

In response to that I tried to update firmware.


Please be informed that hotss replacing the broken component doesn’t solve the issue, we are not liable for other defects, the warranty term for any spare part is 3 months. For some reason the Joystick does not like USB3. Luckily I stumbled on a fix for this on another forum. I believe it’s rather the USB3.

What a palava Is there no one else struggling with this. Never happened while I played ED.

My joystick lost its firmware during Elite Dangerous

Register a new account. This piece of hardware is too damned expensive to be so disfunctional its promise also makes it worthwhile presisting with it for some time however But as me ol gran used to say I had a lot of trouble with my Warthog throttle last night. Here is a short vid which I made earlier this year to show guys the amount of possibilities when assigninbg buttons.