When I tried to install the driver from the CD that came with the printer, Windows warned that the driver was ‘not digitally signed’, and that the Windows Logo testing failed to verify its compatability. Some pages print and some come out blank. Finding More Information The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Character Width uint I just purchased a new iMac and now my printer will only print one line of gibberish on multiple sheets no matter what I try to get it to print; this includes test pages. Using damp Q-tips [not wet or dripping], gently and carefully wipe off the copper colored electrical plates on the cartridges and the electrical contacts inside the holder assy.

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Then I gave up, and now I’m trying to get it working again.

I recently installed a new drive on my computer and I am having to reinstall all of my drivers. Today I was printing a Word Document and the IJ thing got stuck over the Right handside, before that itt made an ungodly grinding noise.

HP Deskjet 812c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

The only way to really eliminate a possible bad cartridge [even if it happens to be a new cartridge], is to actually replace it, or test it in another printer that uses the same cartridge and was working ok with its own cartridges installed.


Your only option if possible in your program is to adjust the top margin to desl the bottom margin. There is no formal documentation concerning voltages or anything else concerning the carriage. I don’t bother unless I’m doing a complete refurb. First Code uint If the problem coincided with the cartridges being refilled I would suspect the cartridges.


HP 812c Ink

I’ve been using my C for many years without a problem. Transparent Data Mode Horizontal Positioning Commands Depending on the 812x system, there should be a nozzle cleaning utility in the Printer Tool Box or the printer Properties.

The Blot Test will probably show you that one of your colors is not printing. Table of contents Hp Customer Dssk Character Height uint Is there an attachment that I could possibly get to make this happen? In my case it was in fact a defective or expired replacement cartridge. Character Width uint Test Page prints fine and can even print from web pages, but printing in Wordpad, NotePad and Word comes out blank.

HP c Ink | Deskjet c Ink Cartridges

Vertical Motion Index Increasing Printer Jey I tried downloading and installing new drivers and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I have an c that I’ve had for about fourteen years. Please contact the manufacturer for an updated version”. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Some one mentioned it may be the printer ribbon perhaps not getting power to the other color’s pins. Unless HP can be induced to change the distribution of ink in their cartridges, the only option is to use models that have a separate cartridge for dwsk color.


Blot the cartridge nozzles on a damp paper towel. Both lights are flashing. Personal printer – ink-jet – color. However the cable that came with the printer does not fit on the cpu. I inserted new ink cartridges black and color ,made sure the tape was off of the printheads.

I have an HP C deskjet printer. It will print only one page, but will not drop it completely down in the tray and then the lights start blinking?????