Maybe the memory fails when hot. If the laptop cannot see the hard drive in the BIOS, this could be one of the following: Could be memory failure. Do not disconnect this cable. My intent is to backup it up on my external Beyond Micro 1TB drive. I tried holding the power button for 30 sec without battery and power supply. Cooling module fan removal shown on the page

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I just figure that if HP wants bucks to replace the drive, that I might as well upgrade it with a Bluray player.

HP Pavilion dv9015ea Notebook PC – Product Specifications

Their customer service is just a joke…really, vido need to step it up and until they do i will no longer consider a product from them. Its system software that worries me. The processor is a Core 2 Duo T so it will take a 64bit os but will the laptop take more than 2 gig jp ram? Thank you for your post. Now right-click ont the pxvilion adapter and click on update drivers and choose to browse computer for the drivers. From the specs i found, it was the same size and same connections.


Anders Branderud, Some weeks ago my Ethernet wireless is still working stopped working. Alternatively, you can buy an external USB enclosure and install the hard drive into this enclosure. Good detailed instructions on how to take apart my laptop, thanks!

Gone are the good old days of the s and early s when they built things to last forever.

Recently I removed a DVD from my hp Pavillion internal optical drive and noticed a felt washer about the size of a fifty cent piece laying on the disc. Yipee…I am so excited.

Unfortunately i do not qualify. Find your new hard drive listed in there.

Remove the keyboard and start the laptop. Duane, This time, when I got it back, they had underclocked the Video card. Mac, So I started up the computer today and lo-and behold the DVD drive started working again with me doing anything. Remove hard drive from your laptop and install into the enclosure. What could this be? According to diagnostics on the laptop, the keyboard is in working order, despite that I cannot use that key.


Thank you very very much! It should be enough. I havent recently fooled with anything too so it was completely out of the blue. Use the hard drive just for test.

Is there a way to tell if the video card is fried or no longer is in working condition? Is it the problem caused by the video card? Can I use paypal to donate?

Solved: HP Pavilion dv video driver for windows 10 – HP Support Community –

In advance thank you. Gene, I hope this cable works well for you.

Lots of time wasted trying to diagnose. Ever since, intermittent wireless again battery or AC-mains powered. It just all seems so random.

You cannot replace or repair the memory slot at home. Message 6 of Then you can install it if you like it. Help would be appreciated.