This is why the port field is always set to i. First we should verify the physical connection between hosts and switches, switches and storages. In a private loop configuration, the interface and target devices will reside behind this node. The ds can be upgraded from a standalone disk system to add-on storage for the HP Virtual Array. The use of FC switches is mandatory. The fields bus, target und Lun are used for the mapping of the luns, that are configured on the disk array.

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To determine which version of the drivers is installed: Each controller has one 1Gb fibre channel interface to the host. HP’s current state of FC support http: May 28 After it sent the OPN signal open primitive to the target port, a quasi point to point connection between the two ports has been established.

According to the mapping relation in step 3, we can begin to manually register the host HBAs to the storage.

HP Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters : FibrChanl (td) B Fibre Channel Driver Release Notes

We have a rp hp-ux This is done by expanding the HW path by 3 more fields of 8 bit each, adding 24 bit address space. In a public Loop the nodes register with their World Wide Name at the FL-port of the switch tacuyon get a 3 byte identifier assigned, i.


You see both Fibre Channel cards tacyon claimed by the system in above example. The zoning configurations on the switches should also be correct. For some strange, no very strange reasons I can’t get a replaced HBA card connected to my storage.

HBA Fiber Channel connectivity check HP-UX

These so called soft addresses are used to address e. The table at http: The outcome should look like: When i try to add it manually it says it can connect. Available for Windows 8 and Aug 15, Basically you are able to distinguish between the different topologies by two criteria: This corresponds to a Domain id of 1, an tl/ts/l2 id of 19 and a port id of 0.

You can check out more as you see above.

The zoning does look solid. A cable to cascade FC switches. I have a query on how to create device-files for FC-devices?

HPE PCI Tachyon TL/TS/XL2 Fibre Channel Driver

The full bandwidth can be used for data transmission. The SCSI protocol is somehow encapsulated.


This hexadecimal value 10 bit is determined dynamically during initialization of the loop. This is tl/ta/xl2 legacy product which should not be ordered anymore.

The initialization of the link login is quite easy. I think the modes differ if you use PVlinks versus PowerPath.

Find out Tachyon XL2 part number under HP-UX 11.11 / 11.23

Default of 0 lets the system decide. They are able to adapt automatically to changing environments and allow a higher number of participants.

Switch port that operates in Loop protocol. Or does anyone have any helpful troubleshooting hints that I may of missed? Switch Port that operates according to the P2P protocol. With its modular design, the ds is a highly scalable and flexible storage system.