The latest release is Intel Q3 graphics package. It should look like this: Table may be out of date. I’ll be there for you! Driver specifies which driver you want to use.

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Please ask on intel-gfx if you want to get your feet wet on this. I downloaded the driver from Intel, xogg I can’t even run that, as it asks for the “latest kernel”, which Dorg already have.

In my case, the specific problem I was dealing with is that the Hoary installer gave me the vesa driver, which is servicable, but not great. Table may be out of date. Originally Posted by Sav. I have a Dell Optiplex GX If you know, list your favorite resolution first, and the other available resolutions after.

xserver-xorg-driver-i810 package in Ubuntu

May 23rd, For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. And beleive me, the result is quite impressive on those little cards Configuring X. At some point, after doing various combinations of these procedures many many times, I went into xorg. May 21st, 9. It is probably set to vesa by default. User guide for How to build driver from scratch User guide for How to setup dual head User guide for How to report bugs User guide xogg Reporting suspend-resume issues Please note that TV out support xrog usually provided by third-party encoder chips, which typically require separate drivers.


Partners Support Community Ubuntu. I will update this how-to with a solution when I find it.

Device has to be the identifier name you previously gave to your graphics card. I would REALLY like to get away from Windoze and start using Ubuntu full-time, especially since learning that Microsoft was is one of the Korporations that wanted to profit from the “war” correct word: Screen is the name you gave to your screen in the screen section.

HOW TO: Configuring Xorg for use with Intel i and higher video cards

I believe this is a refresh rate problem. Dont forget to visit the i tool page to enable non-bios-listed resolutions.

More instructions on using git to interact with the repository can be found at UsingGit. For xogg information visit http: I was stuck in a low terrible resolution. I later was advised to k810 This how-to walks you through the process of installing and configuring resolution, then changing your xorg.

If this is an option, I highly recommend giving it a shot. May 14th, 8.


i810(4) – Linux man page

Finalizing Those final steps are not necessary if you dont wnt desktop acceleration such as beryl, etc. The DPMS option is a power management option. The Intel graphics driver is currently maintained in the xfvideo-intel git repository in X.

Horiz Sync and Vert Refresh options are often not necessary. For a better view of daily progress, please see the logs of the source code repositories. The Intel Linux Graphics Driver web portal: The modes in the “Display” subsection have to be supported by your monitor. The Intel graphics driver in X.

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