Pages can be placed sequentially from left to right, or right to left, and printed either right-side-up or upside-down. Want to use your own freight account for shipping? The publications listed below will be available at announcement. Prices All other terms are the same as those applicable to the IBM Machine in which the feature is installed. Approximate field installation times for the following features are for reference in the event one or more are installed in the field by the CE. This feature allows your operators to automate the control of the critical basic parameters of the printer through the use of the IBM exclusive Infoprint Operations Architecture. Up to in 2 mm lengths may be printed but lengths greater than 14 inches cannot be stacked with the standard stacker.

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IBM Infoprint family Choose the printer and features that best suit your business today, with the confidence that you can upgrade to keep pace with business changes. For best performance and print quality, it is recommended that the printer be in dpi when converting a dpi datastream, and dpi mode when converting a dpi datastream. Yes Period of Warranty Service: Enhanced N-up Page Positioning With enhanced N-up page positioning, you can place up to eight pages at any location on a form, in any supported orientation and position.

Paper weight support is limited to 75 to 90 gsm 20 to 24 lb.

New Operator Control Feature Infoprint Operator Control allows your operator to store the critical printer parameters through the Infoprint Operations Architecture at the printer and then invoke them when the operator assigns a specific Form Definition at the printer.


The sample graphs can be selected based on time frame, operator, printer, and shifts, and will include graphs inm as:.

IBM Infoprint 4000 IS1, IS2 Series

This feature may co-reside with one of feature code This ability provides the following benefits:. A second host trying to assign the printer will be denied access with a notice that the printer is assigned elsewhere. Please call so we can set it up for you. Actual weights may vary slightly with machine configuration. You can use the Infoprint IS1 and IS2 to produce traditional statements, invoices, policies, letters, and other critical customer communications.

Infoprint Operator Control must be installed on both printers in a duplex system.

IBM InfoPrint – IPM Continuous Forms Printer

IOR, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, same day response. The following items are available from IBM and are included in the price of the printer if a parallel channel attachment feature number is specified: While IBM has made a conscious effort to provide this data with a high degree of accuracy, the actual quantities measured may vary slightly with machine configuration.

These include MB ubm, an enhanced post-processing interface that will enable paper jam recovery to the end of your post-processing equipment, and many other operator aids that infprint enhance speed and productivity.

Order supplies for the printer before the system is delivered and maintain stock for continuous operation. Products that are not specific to these countries are deemed to be “not ready” for euro unless infoprjnt stated in the product’s country-specific specifications.


User management is responsible for evaluation, selection and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 IS1 Supplies

This can be done easily outside of your application programs. Instructions must be placed in the form definition for N-Up printing.

The Prestige Proportional Spaced font is not supported as a resident font. One infoptint part number represents one belt Packaging: Infoprint Toner Information All Colours: It is a customer responsibility to ensure that the is loaded with paper that is wide enough to accommodate 2 application pages side by side.

IBM Infoprint IS1, IS2 Series | Argecy

This product shall be verified to comply with the rules for Class A digital devices before final delivery to the buyer or centers of distribution. Actual usage should be used to establish the supply’s life in your applications.

Dynamic channel switching is not supported between “mixed” attachments that is between parallel and ESCON channels. If these conditions are not met, and Multi-Host Environment is enabled on the printer, PSF may not be able to access the printer. No Mid-Range System Option: Security, Auditability, and Control Security and auditability features of this product are as follows: Specify code is automatically added to IS2 MLC when ordered from the factory to reflect the enhanced speed.

One filter per carton Minimum order quantity: