Use “Toast” to create a disc from the disc image created in ImageMixer 1. The “Add thumbnail” in the album mode, you do not copy the file to the album but you only register the attributes and other information of the file to the album. At the ImageMixer screen, click Capture Environment. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. We are fully aware that the new MacBook does not have a FireWire port.

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Please confirm the connection between your PC and the peripheral “. Write – The instructions on screen usbb enough disk space for the workspace. Write-enabled files saved in albums can be written to a memory stick. Because there are many different video capture applications on imagemixed market and we cannot reasonably know which video capture software you are using, Sony is unable to provide specific instructions or support for software we do not manufacture.

Pixela Image Mixer USB Streaming problem – VideoHelp Forum

Input – I can’t transfer videos from the camcorder to the computer. Insert the cassette containing the video to transfer to the computer into Handycam.


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The procedure of the menu settings varies depending on the model. The imported contents can then be managed in Album mode. Alternatively, you can download the USB driver from this page.

Use “Toast” to create a disc from the disc image created in ImageMixer 1. Input – Where are the imported videos saved? At the Select music file setting, select the desired music and click OK.

If your PC does not support USB connection for movie imports, you will have a message appearing on your screen reading: Input – My camcorder is not recognized by the computer. Disc writing cannot be performed if the Windows file system is FAT Library – I can’t arrange the order of the videos in a Smart Album.

Windows XP Service Pack 2: FirstPlease check whether your camera is hsb for streaming. We encourage you to try it.

How to transfer video from a MiniDV camcorder

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. LINK ports may have four or six pin connections. Connect the other end of the i. Turn on the computer. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser.


Sounds like you are hitting the 4Gb Fat32 file limit.

USB to FireWire DV Adapter – NTSC – US Version

Even if video recordings imagemixer usb in a supported format, you may not be able to use them depending on the recording method. Probability that the files in the Memory Card has been damaged. Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. Remove all other USB interface devices and recheck. Working from the images in the albums, files can be dragged and dropped onto the storyboard.

Corey B Nice, useful cable, as described. Start the Pixela ImageMixer software.

I hope to use you again in the near future. Cue the camcorder to the beginning of the video.