Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, WAV ringtones. On the cell phone side for things, I have noticed the radio in the PDA2k is relatively strong compared to my phones and others those around me use as I was often able to get service where others phones may not be able to. The application included is scaled down which may not be appreciated by the general user and adds an additional area for confusion when configuring wireless since parts are still done through the Windows Mobile interface. After using it, I would say this is likely accurate. Then my girlfriend noted it, and when I said I thought it was one of the two things I just mentioned, she said she just didn’t think it sounded as clear as other phones. A number of users including me noticed some issues with the phones microphone, and poor voice pickup for calls.

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The battery in the device can defiantly hold its own. For all the features, the device is relatively light and also thin only 0. This works well in an environment where there you are not crossing into a lot of WiFi networks you don’t have access to. I also like having the contact and address buttons at the top of the front face, and since they are larger it makes them easier to press.

Dave’s Score – 8. Phone Features Phone Functions.

Cellular data service is the final option for connecting the PDA2k. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in From foldable phones to 5G, here’s why we’re looking forward to next year. After using it for a while I have gotten the hang of how to use it best, but I don’t prefer the style of keys.


The device has a slightly different hue to it than other devices, a little darker silver. It is also immediately noticeable the number of buttons on the front. A mAh battery is pretty good, though this device has a lot of things that require power, especially if you are using it as a phone and it is constantly connected to the cell network waiting for calls. Built-in digital camera, Voice recorder. Phones by Jessica Dolcourt 2 days ago.

For expansion, an SDIO slot is included at the top of the device. The application included is scaled down which may not be appreciated by the general imae and adds an additional area for confusion when configuring wireless since parts are still done through the Windows Mobile interface.

The cradle really isn’t anything special.

i-Mate PDA2k – GSM – smartphone

Phones by Roger Cheng 20 hrs ago. The back of the device has the camera as well as the removable battery that is latched by a small easy to open latch on the bottom back of the device. It also includes one of the hottest new ideas on the market, a slide out thumb keyboard.

It is very easy to hear calls and get the caller good and loud. Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices.

Bluetooth is becoming a must have for a lot of people, though I have been slow to adopt it in my general use. With the PDA2k I don’t have to sync news stories before I leave for class, or in the library before class starts over WiFibut can do it whenever I want to see what is new. One worry about the size and weight was if the device was weighted correctly for controlled use of the keyboard, but the top of the device, when open, does not change the weight distribution to much.


A budget phone shouldn’t be this good A budget phone shouldn’t be this good by Patrick Holland. Supported Flash Memory Cards. The problem could be the placement of the microphone, which looks like it is on the bottom not back, but bottom by the sync port.

The screen is bit color with a max resolution of x no VGA supportand has a surprisingly vibrant screen.

i-mate PDA2k – RF (Radio Frequency) Safe

In fact, I use it all the time. I noticed a number of people had trouble hearing me. Looking for a tech bargain real soon?

Note, there has been some discussion on forums related to the PDA2k about Bluetooth stack problems. It is neat to have, but I don’t know that it has much practical use. One interesting thing to note is when using the camera, the devices screen will turn up to full brightness, likely so you can see the live camera feed well.

pda22k I often use WiFi in my daily life and love having it embedded in the device instead of having to use a card. The PDA2k is a power house of function and likely the user that is going to fully use a device like this would be the business user or the tech user.