Tested with the new build of RCv So in the end it isn’t a “real” hotplug driver, because it doesnt have any code for active hot plugging in it. However, it may be unstable on some devices. It is a popular choice for many users. Also calling with bluetooth gives a muted call after the screen goes off after some seconds.

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Setting a higher value will bias the governor towards lower frequency steps.

[Q] What is Intelli-plug, MP-decision. Which… | LG Optimus G (International)

It is designed to work within those fixed voltage ranges in order to maximize battery performance while creating a smooth UI operations. Trepn Profiler Performance loss check: Post something meaningful that will help the developer or others: A slightly modified interactive based governor by Yank Intelliplug is a replacement for mp decision implemented by faux if im not wrong.

It has input boost and is the smoothest I’ve inteloiplug.

It originates from Cl3kener’s Uber kernel for Nexus 5, where it has quite a reputation for battery life Number of samples to evaluate cpu1 hotplug out.


With moderate loads, it periodically votes to raise, maintain, or decrease the frequency. Viewing 15 posts – intelliplug through 15 of 46 total.

S great work for listing all thos governors! It will still ramp up to a set frequency but will not stay at high frequencies for long.

It includes imoseyon’s screen-off hotplugging code. An improved version of interactive modified by neobuddy We can start filling up this thread again. Zero disables and causes to always jump straight to max frequency.

Haldi’s Benchmark Thread for Governors&U… | Sony Xperia Z2

May 24, at 7: I set mine at two today and only noticed lag once or twice. However, it may be unstable on some devices. Max CPU’s hotplugging limit. I can not upload a screen shot on here as I have to link the image to a URL.

It is also important to look out if the governor is a Work-In-Progress WIP where bugs may be encountered during usage. Chill A conservative based governor by frap Electron kernel.


Adding a hotplug alternative or option to a kernel

Unknown 7 June at XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. It’s horrible when WiFi is enabled and I listen to bluetooth audio. This factor determines how often the governor should poll for CPU usage in terms of frequency and load percentage to make hotplugging decisions. Intel It’s an interactive based governor that is optimized for Intel devices.

The higher frequencies are not touched with this algorithm, so high-demanding games will most likely not suffer from worsened performance.

I’ve added a mirror of the Geehrc versions, hope that is okay. Fixes audio problems with screen off by allowing hotplugging but not forcing inelliplug core. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sorry for the spelling errors! Flyme Os 7 Nougat xperia Z2.