The video is of bad quality, only frames a second. The keypad is traditionally adopted to the interface less that we’d like to, so we have to take a stylus when working. The design is treo-like, as it’s customary to say now. It is easy to remove, and the grooves may be used for fixing the device in a car above the dash-board since one of the main use of the device is car navigation. The SIM-card holder is near the battery, and changing the card is impossible without removing the battery. Just compare the dimensions with other keypad devices:.

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HP iPAQ hw6515 – smartphone – GSM Series

Just compare the dimensions with other keypad devices: Volume, signal melody, backlighting brightness, screen off settings, settings for 66515 adapters are all here. Watch movies for free: The communicator is charged via a USB cable. This index describes the CPU productivity. The main advantage is it serves as a case which is protecting the screen taking very little space.

HP iPAQ hw pictures, official photos

The max volume is more than enough. Mobile by Marrian Zhou 1 day ago. Huawei exceeds million smartphone shipments, setting company record It credits the success of its P20 and Honor 10 phones, among others. Black and white balance, colour effects, compression level, shutter sound, shooting timer may be adjusted in settings.


Second, one of ioaq slots may be used for the main memory install programs there, store important data and rarely plug the card out and the second one may be used as a removable drive.

The cradle is standard like in all the new iPaq PDAs.

Review GSM communicator HP iPaq hw

If putting the model with the screen down, the joystick can snap into action. As we have already told this need in a square screen appeared because of the combination of a small height of the device and a keypad. The driver version is 1.

Even grading the influence of accelerators and Wireless MMX, video playback remains middling. The max resolution of the recorded video is x pixels. During the life circle 65115 may fall to USD, but not lower.

However the iPaq hw has shortcomings also, let’s name them. We see no disadvantages in using the two expansion slots SD and miniSD. The advantages are piaq following. The last one is loud enough; it sounds clear at the max volume and doesn’t wheeze.

Review GSM communicator HP iPaq hw6515

Here are the results of a processor speeded up to MHz specially for those who find a usual clock rate too low. Our standard tests revealed the the iPaq hw as a strong device of average means among similar devices.

The capacity of the available flash-memory forms 8 MB, that iipaq mainly useless due to the presence of the two expansion slots.


Here it is folded back. Its also very easy to navigate the menus since all the icons are familiar. The 9 best streaming services Watch movies for free: The problems appear when installing third party programs. Many of us even couldn’t believe it was possible, since the concept design outstrips the time. The top of the communicator may be called empty – only a stylus slot. And another significant example is Samsung’s i;aq, the company starts treating the market seriously only now, and before we observed only the first attempt at writing and showing its capabilities and power.

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So far, I’m enjoying this smartphone, and I would 615 I recommand it over the Treo You may select of three variants – vertical flattening of the screen pixels are pressed towhich looks not beautifully, however all the data now is availablevertical scrolling and showing a picture in x pixels. Till lately the resolution of x pixels was standard for Pocket PC.