This procedure requires the Touch Panel Calibration Program to be installed. This requires your facility to either have a loading dock or access to a forklift, and it is your responsibility to offload your order from the truck and transport it to its final location. Remove the two screws that hold the battery board and plastic bracket in place. The device has numerous self-checks that will continue to trigger if the issue persists. Gently pull apart the front and rear covers. Patient s pulse signal has persistent variability due to arrhythmia or valvular problem. If problem persists, replace Main Board possible or Processor Board possible.

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Manuel d installation Installation manual. Test with a known-working cuff.

Twist several times to wrap the two pump wires together. Green LED on power supply is lit. Both the device model number and the serial number are located on bottom of the device. Touchscreen out of calibration or not working.

MooreMedical is now McKesson

BP readings seem low or high. Reconnect the manifold to the pump and reattach the processor board to the main board using the three screws and being careful to line up the pins exactly.

Life span may be prolonged by cleaning regularly and following all use and safety. Peel off the Kapton tape that secures the speaker and temperature cables.


IQvitals Supplies by Midmark

The battery takes about 4 hours to recharge from iqvitlas fully depleted state. The I-O board is disconnected from the main board to show orientation in plastic grooves.

This manual provides information regarding troubleshooting, maintenance and performance checks, calibration verification, as well as guides service personnel through iqcitals identification and replacement of field serviceable components for these devices. IQvitals Device Double-click B If shipping More information.

Reinsert probe into well, power cycle the device and retest. The SpO2 circuitry contains a factory-set calibration potentiometer. Indicates potential hazard if indicated information is ignored. C Contents 3 Chapter 1: Reassembly – Replacing the Main Board Step 6: Standard Curbside Delivery includes a liftgate which will lower your goods to ground level. Preface and Safety Magnetek manufactures products used as components in a wide.

Lenovo Miix 2 8 User Guide Read the safety notices and important tips in the included manuals before using your computer.

Server Safety Information To reduce the risk of bodily injury, electrical shock, fire, and equipment damage, read this document and observe all warnings and precautions in this guide before installing. Avoid frequent and prolonged blood pressure measurements, which can result in petechia, ischemia, purpura, or neuropathy.


Start display at page:. Streamlined, on-time delivery with turn-key white glove service, scheduled for when its best for you. Confirm that device is on mains.

Iqvitals Zone Wireless USB Dongle by Midmark

Follow the power supply checks. Bluetooth word mark and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth More information. To move the valve from the current main board to the new main board, unplug it from the old board. Be sure to press the tie wrap against the bottom of the main board while tightening. This symbol is used only in the most extreme conditions. Midmark with IQscale TM feature not enabled device is configured to communicate with Fairbanks scale instead.

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor. When replacing the brackets, make sure that the wider bracket is on the left above the switch panel and the thinner bracket is on the right. The device will report a TEMP error code if the circuitry is out of tolerance.