The time now is All iR Shell bundled plugins have been enhanced to support unloading, such that they can be terminated without affecting the other running app. Still no perfect but this should run quite more homebrews than 0. Maximum playlist size is 10 and the playlist entries should reside in the same directory. Prior to this release, the line spacing was always 0. The PMF player has been enhanced to support movie clips with resolution lower than x

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An update to improve compatibility. Page 5 of 6.

You can customize it under Congigurator. Finally, you can get rid of the RED background with your own custom skin.

The APP view will not list Eboots for 2. This can be turn off under iR Shell, so that the alarm will be ignored if the PSP is under sleep mode.

PBP while caching the updater modules Pls also note that the change of CPU speed under devhook environment has been removed, which means you can’t change CPU speed within iR Shell when running devhook.


DIR View has been enhanced to work as a real file browser with file size and free irshelo left. Feb 4, Montreal, Qc. Nethostfs should no longer crash the PSP. You can then choose the action to perform on the selected file. Pls note that the keypad are not very responsive under 10MHz speed.

iR Shell Released

I wonder if it’s possible to un-dub the voices if it has then: You shouldn’t lower this value, unless you know ysbhostfs what you’re doing. This is now resolved. It work fine at mhz CPU Frequency. You can replace it with other mp3 file if you like.

IR Shell 5.2

The default value is 0 same as setting the value to 21 which will work for most games. Pls note it’s still unknown whether running MHz will have an adverse effect on the WiFi chip. Switch Mariko SOC and bootrom vuln plugged You can win a uber-hard battle in 2 seconds thanks to a casual summon. These modes can be configured under iR Configurator and they’re independent with the ones in M33 Recovery Menu.

PSP Tool is a multi-purpose utility to application which can perform various general management functions on usbyostfs PlayStation Portable console.


Crysis ps3 question azoreseuropaMay 9,in forum: If you don’t use these naming convensions, you can turn them off for a faster APP view list. What do I need to do now?

DQScott95 Jun 30, Most of them should now be fixed. Just point your remote unit at the PSP and it will learn the iR code. Do not install older version iR Shell once the firmware patch is applied.

Crysis CORE!!!

The APP View doesn’t show all hidden corruption icon applications. X cfg folder and it will work on 4. See instructions for more info. To force the 1st app to load in slot 2, hold Left-Trigger while lauching an application under the confirmation popup window. A irsehll info window will automatically pop up.

Once you’ve acknowleged the warning, the battey monitoring will be suspended.