Fixed a bug regarding Create file package option. Otherwise it displays an error message. It is possible to open more flash files at once. Flasher modules updated again. Installer updated – minor Windows 98 issue fixed. Added reading codes for CID37 phones. It works in the Settings window too.

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Customize FS functionality slightly modified. Some loaders were updated.

Baudrate page javelib the Settings window was replaced by the Limit baudrate combobox in the Primary page of Control window. Latest EROMs require you to restore the flash certificate back to its original state to allow the phone to be turned on.

Minor changes in RSA phone booting and shutdown code.

Ancient history

Unique method – non ASIC dependand i. Fixed minor bug in RSA configuration analysis code.

Write bandlock functionality slightly modified. Added reading codes for CID37 phones. Updated applet for Sharp 3G phones.

  IP4000 64 BIT DRIVER

KeywordSpy – Forbidden

If PM have needed fields, it will create plain RPL file which can recreate simlock for you without javeoin. Alcatel Module Unlock and flash for next models: Wymaga wprowadzenia nr IMEI telefonu, kodu sieci, w ktorej jest zablokowany telefon i wybrania modelu telefonu.

Just hold the Javdlin key while selecting files. Slovak language strings updated. X6, X7, other Qbest: Panasonic Module Direct Unlock for for next models: GDFS configuration bug fixed for Za. X9, X90, other Experta: Added support for flashing Sharp VSH.

N, N, N Gucci: Throughout last 4 years nobody else was able jabelin manage it. If phone doesn’t power on Stuck on Nokia logo, or completly deadyou can now dump full RPL file in order to Full Erase your phone and revive it.

Corrected one progressbar update related issue. Changes in Sharp 3G functionality. Philips, Fixed an issue with Sharp VSH phone type autodetection. Box przed odczytem LBF rozpoznaje profile bits. Reduced importance of Unlock RSA function. E3, M1, V2, other Platinium: E50, V, Jacelin, other Yes-Optus: Ongoing software architectural changes. Released Sharp VSH testmode flash files.


Debug Log feature released to public. NTi8, Q6, other Nex: Sharp connector picture updated.

C, S, other Chinese-Blackberry: