If the setting is at the tipping point of independence, you’ll have lots of secessionist colonies looking for shipping divorced from earth nation control, lots of nationalist colonies looking for someone to ‘get one over’ on adjacent rivals or secessionists , the first megacorporations not tied to earth starting to emerge Jump drives are also used in the Battletech series of games and literature. Once at that point, the jump drive is used to move to another jump point. Same can be said of Warp Drive in Warhammer No accurate description of jumpspace exists because it is constantly variable. Comics Magazines Novels Publishers Short stories. At high tech levels it may be possible to create Jump Drive energy storage that is able to store power for longer and in a more stable manner than the zuchai crystals that are normally used.

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Jump travel is not well understood. As for Dualspace TechnologyDualspace Biology is an extension of Jumpspace Biology to create living things that can function in both normal and Jump space.

Jump drive – Wikipedia

This may be jumpddrive of a factor than a saving on cargo space, as for a Far Trader-sized ship only a few kl of cargo space may be gained by using this approach. Initially somewhat less accurate and more prone to misjumps than a normal Jump drive, as this technology advances it becomes more accurate and reliable, with mumpdrive of the implications that allows.


Several jumps are needed, because farther triangulations require more time to calculate, therefore a journey across the galaxy may take a few centuries to calculate jumpdive at once. How they got there was via an STL generation ship, so Earth is but a distant memory. And actually, the volume of the jump drive itself isn’t that bad. DracoDraculNov 19, I recall a psionic based FTL drive in a short story that they powered using rape.

Multiples of Light Speed It is not a safe practice, as the emergence point tends to have other ships approaching it for intended use; therefore emergence at speed is known to have resulted in tdaveller mishaps, and is therefore a serious violation of civil navigation codes with stiff penalties. Alternatively, the Flattener could be an external installation from inside of which a starship Jumps out. Different colonies have different resources, different industrial abilities and different urgent needs.

In rare cases, such as for Warships, mumpdrive ship may have a “Lithium-Fusion” battery which stores extra power for an additional jump without the normal recharge time. MarissaLHNov 18, Views Read Edit View history. Jumpspace is a basic concept of Interstellar Travel: Hull radiators disperse low-grade heat energy. At AD you could do all kinds of things, and leave our modern history well behind in the dusty annals.

Jump Drives as they stand are limited to operating at distances of more than diameters from any massive body. Red FlagNov 19, Not purely Euclidean in nature.

Jump Drive

Check out StarBasethe open source science fiction campaign mapping application. Because of these issues, fission powered Jump Drives may only be used in specialised probably military roles XonNov 19, Jump drives often require significant power and many universes require time to “re-energize” the jump drive after a jump, thereby limiting the frequency at which jumps can be executed. Cases of field overlap interference have been known to result in direction error, range error, system damage, or ship destruction, and is advised against.


With sufficient advances in gravitational technology it might be possible to ‘smooth out’ the gravitational perturbations that make use of a Jump Drive unsafe inside diameters, and so allow safe entry to Jumpspace at smaller distances from large objects. The ship still needs the same volume of energy sink and jump units themselves – these stay the same.

Jump distances are calculated in parsecs 3. Fermi paradox Grandfather paradox Time travel. Ships in jump are isolated, and can not detect or travellre anything; they are totally isolated in a small bubble of jumpspace until they reemerge into our universe again. The CoDominium series by Jerry Pournelle which begun publication in features the Alderson jump drive.

Buy our stuff, go here to find out more: Revelation space FTL can retroactively erase your entire civilization from existance if you screw up, and it’s very nature means you will screw up.