No matter what your overcoat is made of, this miracle spray wiU make it completely repellent. London By Citibank, N A. How can the Socialists impose their views on their allies to the municipal government? I have not heard its equal in years, Aough ihe work is played dozens of times every season. Sony, 3M and Pioneer have all produced production manuals for optical video disc programme makers. Deloitte is advising about a dozen large clients, inclu ding Merseyside Cablevision.

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Before be became editor-in- chief of the ill-fated Now!

According to d077 guidelines issued, all sectors of industry are to be encouraged to start manufacturing colour TVs, but companies which have foreign equity will not be allowed to do so. George Fullard and Roger Hilton are dead, at 50 and 64 respectively, f707 none of Ae rest is under Holders of ZDRs may instruct the Depositary to accept the offer in respect of the shares represented by their Receipts by completing and lodging a form of acceptance together with their Receipts with coupons numbered 3 to 30 attached at the office, of the Depositary at the address below.

Europe, rightly focused on the most pressing.

Full text of “Financial Times , , UK, English”

Writs principals only please to Box F. Anderson Unit Trust Managers Ltd. Yesterday, the ground underneath the farm shook violently, with the Johannesburg gold mining f707 falling 9JB per cent to Would consider join venture Or acquisition. CIL has confirmed the sale of its holdings in both Nikkatsu. We already nave a wealth of raw materials, energy and human resources.



Carlton House Terrace, SW1. The terms are for- at 22 p, and a total of 6. But Cowie with a fine track-record as a writer on Swedish cinema mixes life-story with movie- analysis in a wholly fluent way, and I am indebted to him for my having a dearer idea now of what Persona and The Silence are about than I ever bad before.

The dividend is being raised from l.

The point on which most parties seem to be agreed was the unexpectedly slow build-up in advertising revenue—the source of income which was always going to be vital to the long term success of SFX. If I leave ketsmart five years I get my money back with tax concession—it was my money and not theirs anyhow.

Mexicans has 34 per cent of all the Mexico – UJL traffic. Everybody is losing by crossing the Atlantic. On purely administrative grounds this is a much harder job.

France’ is pushing for a commitment to greater co-operation in criminal and procedural law which is opposed by, among others, the UK and the Netherlands. That is what brings branches of banks from struggling the system to a halt,” explained the debtor nations.

A dividend is not intended until those losses have been extinguished. And throughout Europe, our aim is to increase efficiency and productivity at every v707 erf fresh milk distribution.


The bill amounted 10 42 per cent of total imports in value terms. He added that Britain was tbe second largest contributor to tiie World Bank after tbe U. The main part of Location English spearing, any suggestions welcome.

The flugel horn part and its magical extensions were thoroughly attractive, however; Ac end was splendidly purple, wiA a marching pop-flavoured bass surmounted by Ae triumphant solo in far-flung multiplication. Given a revival keysamrt the latter, both here and in neighbouring countries, then gw production could rise tn a higher annual level than that achieved in the late s. Strong pressure can be applied to bonks which still seek to remove their funds and it usually works.

Wondering how lo develop it7 II so we can prowda practical experience tar project appraisal.

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Please send me funher decMbomhe programme FVia nd ai Manageme n t. It is all clearly intended. Experts concede that the concept is elegant, but they remain sceptical.

It also has five DCs, two of which were delivered in January.