In addition, each satellite includes its own desktop stand. What you should do is then find a broken Klipsch system for sale on eBay that matches your system and swap out the transformer. I discovered that your human body will actually show a resistance of about K to 1. See page 2 from my Klipsch Home page. Everything looked ok, darn.

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Some people note that their units get quite hot on the back aluminum access panel and I know from opening the unit that the power amplifier transistors are coupled to this panel to keep them cool.

The system consists of two satellites utilizing a subwoofrr way design, with Klipsch MicroTractrix horns accompanied by a 3″ midrange driver.

Klipsch ProMedia – home listening test [English]

I found an excellent webpage posted by Dale Thompson that provides many electronic schematics and descriptions to explain the operation of the 2. It has nice rich sound with impressive bass. After doing a good amount of searching on the web about the ProMedia system I found a lot of other owners have similar and sometimes worse problems with their units such as burnt out resistors, capacitors, transistors or issues with the control module.

The design was based on user feedback-even the format comes from those that obviously wanted quality to be brought down to the 2. Two-way system using 0. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Infinite resistance was indicated on the primary wires which meant that the fuse had indeed blown. No green light on the control module, no thump of the subwoofer when switched on, and no internal click of the relay.


Upon realizing that there was a problem with the transformer I decided to completely remove the transformer from the system and run a check to test the primary and secondary wires for resistance, again with the DMM.

Klipdch certification is an effort to bring some standard quality requirements to multimedia audio environment, building on the influence that such standards have had in theatres. Regardless of music played, multimedia sound systems all sounded the same: Log in Don’t have an account?

The subwoofer of the Klipsch ProMedia 2. The obvious solution was for a company to produce a high quality sound system for use with a computer or other personal audio device, such as a portable CD or MP3 player.

One note to add: Resistance Values of New Transformer. Sign up ilipsch Username Password Remember Me.

Klipsch ProMedia Specs – CNET

It was definitely a step forward in the evolution of computer gaming speakers. I carefully inspected the circuit boards for any signs of extreme heat and damaged kipsch.

When measuring wires with the DMM probes make sure that your fingers usbwoofer not touching the probes at the same time. Go to Klipsch Home. Medium density fiberboard construction MDF. The sub subwooefr, tucked away in a ported enclosure that also contains the W amplifier, contains a 6. For any transistors that I did happen to unbolt from the panel I was sure to reapply some thermal compound paste to keep them coupled.


Computer users have complained for years about the poor quality of audio components designed to work with their machines. What you should do is then find a broken Klipsch system for sale on eBay that matches your system and swap out the transformer. Failure of main power transformer. In addition, each satellite includes its own desktop stand.

MP3 two-channel soundcard miniplug.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Subwoofer

Klipsch Audio Technologies Retail price: Quick features that reflect the most common feedback following the v. I was missing sound from the right sided speaker!!!! If this certain transformer ;romedia not available you after trying the eBay route you can use different ones as long as it has they have the same exact values and are also center tapped bipolar.

Since I had just finished reading a book about electronics I decided to give this repair my best attempt and thankfully it worked.