I bought a lens and an adapter. If it is anything like my previous Kodak camera and battery pack combination, I expect to be able to get several hundred photos per charge. Considering its size, the Kodak ZIS is very comfortable. The ultrazoom market seems to be the fastest growing digicam sector right now. This Kodak digital camera has the ease of use needed for those just getting started, and the additional features that a professional would love.

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The one exception to this was the control dial on the back of the camera. Menus were easy enough to use. The interface was also oddly slow in my experience.

Kodak EasyShare Z IS Review – DigitalCameraReview

But kodaj you don’t often see is that you can use the zoom function while recording. Getting this digital camera will complete any photographer’s needs. The list of settings in shooting mode was simple and easy to understand, and standard control practices press the easyshqre button to cycle through flash settings, for instance were implemented as expected. Without pre-focusing, the camera takes. The ability to zoom in on anything and the wide variety of features make for quite the experience.

Hot spots and excessive reflectivity were also evident esayshare some frequency, though exposure was fairly accurate in typical flash shooting situations. The Kodak Z IS did a good job of delivering wonderful color that was mostly true to life regardless of the light source.


My opinion rollercoastered z101i2s this camera, bummed out, then not so. There is also a rubber grip on the lens housing, which is nice for those looking to support the camera with a second hand under the lens. The controls on this camera are mostly straightforward and almost standard.

Some light hairline scratches across middle of screen.

Show More Show Less. Most cameras lock the zoom lens, so you are stuck at whatever magnification you started off at!

I was able to cover the entire 12x zoom range in a matter of seconds with no perceived pick-up lag. The noise of the motor controlling the lens isn’t very loud, so zooming in and out isn’t so bad while recording.

The Z has 10 Megapixels and 12x optical zoom, and it’s light enough to be able to hold steady even zoomed out 12x. When Kodak quit the business I was heartbroken and thought I could no longer use the camera.

Some pictures taken in bright daylight with adequate hand-held shutter speeds still showed signs of camera shake, suggesting indirectly, at least, a situation that image stabilization should have been able to correct for. The design of the power switch can be a bit annoying, though.

Lastly, let me mention one function that isn’t often mentioned. The black camera with silver accents looks nice, and the plastic parts of the body are textured — much like some more expensive cameras on the market.


It is so close to the eyepiece I just prefer it over the screen. When open, however, the flash feels sturdy.

Kodak EasyShare Z1012 IS

In continuous drive mode, the Z is capable of 2. See all 4 pre-owned listings. I may have it set to korak energy consumng mode, but as is i t will double the cost quickly. I highly recommend it for the beginner phtographer. There were few surprises, with most of the layout proving self-explanatory if you have used most any other kodwk camera.

If anything, I honestly felt that the zoom switch was too sensitive, proving difficult to precisely frame shots due to how quickly the lens zoomed in and out.

Kodak EasyShare Z1012 IS digital camera — User guide

Bundles that include this product. I am quite impressed, actually, by just how solid it is. Complete in original retail packaging.