Copying Making copies 5. When you hear fax tones from the remote unit, press [Start]. Turn the toner cartridge locking lever to the leftward unlock position. Binding the duplex copy on the left or right side. From your software application select the print command. The word “Lower” means the machine will enter only lower-case letters. Remove the drum car- tridge and check it for damage.

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Konica Minolta bizhub 190f Parts and accessories

Safety Information Safety Information Click the [Device Option] tab. Dial the fax number.

The scanner unit will move to home position and the machine is ready to use. Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting Removing jammed paper from the bypass tray If the paper is not properly fed into the ma- chine through the bypass tray, the follow- ing message will be displayed. Sending Faxes At the end of the operation, your ma- chine beeps and displays: Also, if a document jammed during the quick memory konia or the real time transmission, the following check message will be printed to tell you which page jammed.

The activity journal lists the following information for each transaction: To select the document konics A location away from curtains, etc. The machine will delete all pages from memory and then return to its standby mode. From your application software From the printer folder Note When you change the printer properties from application software, the settings will be available only knica the current print job. Precautions For Routine Use Safety Information Symbol Meaning Do not place any objects around the power plug as the power plug may be diffi- cult to pull out when an emergency occurs.


Konica Minolta Bizhub 190f Toner Cartridges

Got it, continue to print. Document orientation on the ADF or docu- Result image of combined copy ment glass Make sure the machine is in the copy mode.

For instance, to set 1: Gizhub you try to copy many pages at a time, memory overflow may occur. Special Features [cd] Special features [CD] Memory Overflow Message Copying 5.

Toner Konica Minolta Bizhub F [Konica Minolta Bizhub / F] Colour: black Capacity: g

Getting started Close the paper cassette. Unpack the drum cartridge from its carton and slide it into the machine firmly until it locks into place com- pletely. Sorting Copies Copying 5. Fax First copy time Approx. Selecting Document Size Copying 5.

Maintenance Maintenance and Troubleshooting Maintenance and Troubleshooting Size] re- peatedly until your desired document size appears.

If you want to make any adjustments that are appropriate biahub printing your document, click [Properties] or [Setup]. Maintenance and Troubleshooting Jammed in exit area Open the platen cover. Getting started To change upper and lower case Press [ ] key to toggle upper case and lower case.


Konica Minolta F Toner Cartridges, Konica Minolta Bizhub F Laser Toner

Layout and installation Close the front cover and side cover. Layout and installation Idle time setting for switching to the Energy save mode The machine now asks you to enter the time for the energy save mode. If you need to detect a dial tone at dialing, select “On”, however you cannot send a fax when there is no dial tone.

Page Sending Faxes At the end of the operation, your ma- chine beeps and displays: Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories.

Getting Started Getting started Erasing A One-touch Number Autodialer 8. Press [Menu], [2], [1], [0], [1], [Enter].