Best Selling in Synthesizers See all. Replacing the old-school floppy drive, the Pa50 instead offers fast and reliable SD data card storage. Main way to import and export data to and from the music synthesizer is by using the 3. Back in when I bought my Amiga with Hard Drive and connected CD-ROM drive to it, I was more than happy to kiss goodbye to my old floppy disks, after transferring and recording most of data on the disks to optical media. It is very functional and is easy to use it I can play it intuitively There is value of the purchase. Can I change the chord recognition mode? No “automatic” Song to Style conversion is performed!

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I saw modifications for my model, making it to be able to work with memory cards, that will enhance its capabilities and make it more secure of floppy disk faults. For performances in front of more people or bigger halls, connection to external hi-fi systems is recommended.

KORG Pa50 (Music synthesizer)

Since I love korb to various genres of music, I always wanted to have professional equipment for composing and producing music at home. For years, the PA50 has been the most popular member of the Korg Pa family. Good arrangements, real instrument sounds and enough bells and whistles to keep an arranger happy.

Skip to main content. Up to two musical instruments or audio replayers can be connected to the synthesizer, that will act as a mixer of the several audio inputs.

There is value of the purchase. The use of this tool is advised to experienced Style programmers only. Together with the synthesizer, I received a pages manual in English, black bag for easy transport and music p50 stand. Once I change ap50 style, how do I save it? After turning the volume to the max, the music can be heard in moderately noisy environment in up to fifty meters, without any problem. Replacing the old-school floppy drive, the Pa50 instead offers fast and reliable SD data card storage.


For full keyboard usage the button for full upper Keyboard mode, situated on the upper-right part on the control panel, must be pressed.

If for some reason the data can not be loaded – a disk error for example, the replay stops, that can ruin a live performance. On the front of the synthesizer is the 61 key arranger keyboard. The excellent audio and music capabilities of the Amiga, introduced my interest in electronic music, audio sequencing, synthesizing, tracking, mixing, arranging and composing.

After listening countless hours to Amiga modules, SID songs, XM tunes and Atari YM compositions, in July I decided to make one step further in my music career and started to look for professional synthesizer to listen, replay and eventually compose music. The synthesizer can replay two MIDI songs at once or mix them, thanks to the slider control on the center under the display.

The synthesizer is not very easy to move and transport, but it is professional music instrument, that can be used alone for public performances and parties. Muy buenos Verified purchase: Can I change the chord recognition mode? In addition to the eight parts that comprise a Style, up to four sounds are available on the keyboard as real-time parts.


On the center of the control panel is the black and white screen, while on the left and the right sides of the control panel are the built-in speakers of the synthesizer. Easy record — 16 tracks — SMF format.

Korg Pa50 Keyboard

Most of the functions, the selections and the settings are easy to do and intuitive. I am glad to have it and will continue to improve my skills on it.

Main way to import and export data to and from the music synthesizer is by using the 3. After using floppy disks for several years, I always looked kkorg them as unreliable way to move or store any data. There are also several real time effects that can be performed on the MIDI songs.


You may also like. Thanks to the Joystick, countless real time effects are possible, during live performances, hard to reproduce with music la50. Casio SA Keyboard It is excellent professional equipment that will be nice addition for background music when shooting my YouTube movies. SD Secure Digital data cards.

It takes around twenty seconds to initialize the synthesizer and boot in fully usable form. Musical Styles Each of the editable Styles provides up to eight accompaniment parts — drums, bass, percussion and more — that respond interactively with your playing.