All being said, I find the whole package quite satisfying and the crack off of the club face better than the Taylor Made. Slow take way and smooth swing and this club is designed to hit the ball with a face square. TING … first drive went uphill. Sell Your Golf Clubs. The driver does appear to have a slight hook face but I made the adjustments at address.

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He could not believe how long and straight it drives. Will have to doc him a few shots!

Callaway X460 Drivers

Short, Straight, Hollow, Hosel The breakthrough Callaway Golf design that shortened the tradition hosel length, allowing weight to be moved lower and to the more useful perimeter area of the clubhead.

I had a gift certificate to the Sports Authority and figured I would give it a try. The all titanium body kadies reminded my ears of how loud other drivers can be compared to what I was used to.

With my oldI was averaging yards off the tee. Third drive … TING … The X does have a new sole dubbed the Consistent Alignment Sole. Callaway wanted a driver to not only replace the but to also improve performance and provide an alternative to the FT So much easier to hit long and straight and very forgiving.


My original driver was the Big Bertha My miss hits are still very playable and I get good comments on how well I hit my drives. laddies

My previous driver was a Jack Nicklaus cc regular flex that I hit about if I really cranked one it went Still the closed face was not what I expected and will just assume that this one just slipped by quality control. Callaway X Driver. I have the X driver and enjoy it ,adies. Black seems to make the clubhead appear smaller.

And at a bargain price.

I dont have enough time in to say if the draw or slice bothers me. I tried most drivers out before choosing this one, and since making the move i have lowered my handicap by 10 stokes mainly because my drives no go straight.

I am not too sure about length, yes I am 80 yards longer than most, but still shorter than my Mizuno World Cup Persimmon. Very easy club to hit, even the off centre hits end up on the fairway. When struck well I get a good ball flight and good balance between distance and accuracy.

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Callaway X Driver | eBay

The only difference between the standard and Tour headcovers is a color change. Great feel and satisfying sound when hit well.

I bought this X from GB too. I alreday have the matching 3 wood. Very good seldom used callaway x driver 10 with Fujikura shaft Regular Flex, Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

Callaway X460 Driver Review

Sometimes it goes very well, but it is too sensitive to use. The 2 lead tape you put at the heel, is it on the bottom of the driver with the X logoleft and right side? Having brought a new driver after 13 years, I cannot believe the difference in performance and how laadies the club is to use.

Love my new driver! I would switch back to my FT-3 during a round or on different days to double-check my swing, and drives were straight. Sounds really good off the face.