All the other settings are standard. In saying this, it does cup quite well in your hands and feels well built and extremely sturdy. The buttons responsible for an MP3 player are under the external screen, this allows changing songs without opening a clamshell, which is comfortable. Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. The gloss black plastic finish used on the M is different, and we feel it detracts from the handset’s character and looks somewhat tacky. Bluetooth work doesn’t rouse cavils; however the headset mode provides an unreliable connection sometimes.

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Similar numbers are summed up but not displayed in order.

Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. Also a personal icon for groups.

Average battery life dispersion depending on the functions used and the talk time forms from 2 to 4 days. Such phones acted as some kind of an addition to a similar model with usual design, and the series usually was called Limited Edition, which stressed its originality.

The quality of connection rouses no cavils, not the best and not the worst among other manufacturers. As the manufacturer claims, it can provide with up to hours of standby time and up to 3 hours of talks. The max clip duration is 20 seconds and it can be saved only into the main memory.

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LG M4410(LGM4410) Overview

The last case shows only 7 characters of the name, which will confuse you if the surnames are similar. Despite it still looses to the ones integrated into Sharp’s models and Motorola’s triplets, it still deserves the praise – rich colours, and colour conversions are seen, as well as tints. That is serious for those who plan to use the device as a musical player.

And m44410 fields for Name and Surname are absent; only a general field is available. No other menu view is available, but fast navigation using number sequences is at your disposal. It seems that LG grows a muscular system for both morally and hardwarily outdated platform. If you’ve put the melodies in a root folder of the memory card, lv device won’t see them and add to a tracklist.

Opening the phone reveals an impressive x pixel display screen, which is quite large and takes up most of the top half.

LG M Review: – Mobile Phones – GSM Mobile Phones – Good Gear Guide Australia

The biggest drawback in this department is the lack of a speakerphone, which is generally standard across all mobile handsets these days.

The only major problem we had was with night mode, which is extremely poor. Bluetooth work tells upon the battery life not as significant, it takes only 15 percents of the total time Bluetooth is constantly on, the phone is connected to the headset.


The functions are present but uncomfortable to use. A caller’s photo is shown fullscreen and his name and number. For instance, nobody will be surprised at the appearance of a phone for faviourite sport teams, and similar models for NASA worshipers are still waiting for their turn, as well as for skin-divers and so on.

A full search by lh is present in a general list. Phone settings excluding the screen ones lh adjusted from this menu. Fun Frames is a separate menu item, this is five various frames for photos.

In saying this, it does cup quite well in your hands and feels well built and extremely sturdy.

LG M – full specs, photos and more

If the fonts had been redrawn, the perception of the interface could have become different. The connection may break for no reason.

As a rule, that is easier to do with a lb or something like that. Full recharging takes about 2 hours. You can choose the type of memory where the photos will be saved. For instance, memory cards seem a separate makeweight, sending via Bluetooth is possible only from some menu items video and a dictaphone record are impossible to send.