With the X, LG tries to score primarily with a very attractive design. The disk with a rotation velocity of rpm and a gross capacity of gigabytes showed very good results in the HDTune benchmark test, regarding the transfer rates and access times. Skip ’em both and get the NC From what I read, Eee-Ubuntu seems to support the Eee hardware really well. It has a schematic picture of the case and the list of its specifications. A7G2E based on LG C7G3E based on LG

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LG X Left Side. Is there anything coming out in the next 6 months or so that will help with battery life On the one hand, a model with a black and white lh combination is offered, reminding somewhat of a sandwich and on the other, there’s the design variation clad completely in white, for the x1100 of the netbook customers. I would probably pick up the MiniNote though, it was really fun to use with an external mouse. Its strengths lie primarily in its designits input devices and the outdoor suitable display.

On the other side, the display offers a very good brightness, as well as a good image contrast. Any other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their lt owner.


The application of maximal 2 GB are also only possible here, which can have advantages in certain memory-heavy applications, for instance image editing or simply using more programs at once multitasking.

Sun Nov 30, 5: For me, I’m not too worried about compiling a few kernel modules or dealing with the package manager. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. On a smaller trackpad, this problem becomes far more pronounced.

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Beats the stupid E I have been waiting for to be sorted with 1×10 production issues for the last couple of months. Both touchpad keys turned out to be not quite as convincing, though. Various netbook competitors offer at least double as much durability in this exercise, admittedly with a respective larger battery capacity. Sat Nov 29, 4: One of the more premium SKUs comes with a “3.

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The screen alone makes it worth it. I asked one of the CS guys if they were sure it was a HA and he said “well, that’s what the sign says”. Firefox and Chrome addons Adds a ‘Flickriver’ button to your browser. Generally, it’s safe to assume that you can forget these speakers for music playing. These delivered an adequate sound in the test and made even the LG X to a mobile audio player.


Additionally, each modification is supplied in two versions: We weren’t particularly happy with the display hinges. What is the consensus on SSD vs. Sans the TouchPad of course. It’s the only area where NC10 has a problem but you get a better hsim.

The disk with a rotation velocity of rpm and a gross capacity of gigabytes showed very good usij in the HDTune benchmark test, regarding the transfer rates and access times. In general do SSD drives actually bring more reliability to the machine? Uzim applies to the display, as well, which offers an even as good protection for the sensitive display. I saw a pink! Heat dissipation efficiency is realized thanks to a large number of aluminum fins, incorporated into the heatsink, as well as four heat-pipes of 6 mm each.

How were the X’s keyboard and touchpad? Optic, grade A; practice — well then….

Latitude XT2 based on Dell Inc. Considering that “Westerners” have been clamoring for smaller, more powerful computing devices for quite some time.