There are simple instructions for setting up a gumstix with a wifi interface here: Still need to confirm I’ve got a working self-compiled version on an XO Free forum by Nabble. Find out how slow your code is with AppDynamics Lite. On Mon, Sep 17, at Once connected, all the machines can see each other via their IP addresses. New firmware and modified libertastf drivers need to be written.

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The biggest difference between ad-hoc and ap based wireless networking is power usage. Search everywhere only in this topic.

AP mode for Gumstix Wifi

In an ad-hoc network you can’t get this type of feedback, so the node will use the max configured rf output, possibly reducing your battery life. I’m sure there is no help. I didn’t receive any responses about this specific topic, so I’m assuming its still an open issue. Done – Firmware [5] Driver: Is there anyone who would librtas to work on this as a sponsored project?

I used static addresses. I only require guidance. I have setup whole of the OE to work on this, and have made a post on this too, Recently Gumstix made linaro available, I have to yet check out that image if AP works out-of-the-box.


It’s OK if some parts are broken, only concerned about booting with a command-line and full functionality of network and network tools. I’m already working on this. This may be a dumb question, but now that I have an “ad-hoc” access point running, what do I need to do to get WEP libbertas Perhaps I’ll libetras the problem in time, but it’s not in scope of my project.

Otherwise, we have to write the drivers for it.

I’ll work with this kernel since the XO will work and it’s in-sync. Find out how slow your code is with AppDynamics Lite.

Discussions will include endpoint security, mobile security and the latest in malware threats. Were you using udhcpd? The latest firmware release is 9.

Thinfirm 1.5

Find out if wireless-testing will work on the OLPC. It seems fairly straight forward to port the old thinfirmware sdio driver to the 3.

These will work on XO The latest driver commit is e5dfdffae5deb0cfbea98, required for mesh to work. Was able to revert them and got sdo working. I need to take a gumstix outside to do some field work soon. Masters, I was out all these days, I have raised a lot of posts regarding this AP on Gumstix issue before this. On Sat, Sep 22, at Sat, 22 Sep Also this network runs with no security or password. That seems to be really unstable for me i. That would be sweet and would save me having to haul, setup, and power a lot of extra gear that I shouldn’t really need.


Gumstix – libertas-tf-sdio not loading firmware (switched to mdev from udev)

I had 2 controllers and a laptop all working playing nice together. I don’t know if it’s possible to to route traffic to the rest of the internet if the gumstix is connected via ethernet to the world, but that would be a fun little extension if it wasn’t too hard to do.

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