Also, if we’re rolling our own, we can include nslookup support, and try the next DNS server if it fails. Since DHCP is generally slow, this would be a win. I guess we can try the undionly one, but I don’t love the idea of building our own PXE. I am glad there are more of us out there. Each item in the F8 menu has its own pxelinux.

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I need to boot things like this: Now go to the PXE Rep. The workflow is simplified in this case: Recent versions of Foreman do this automatically on template linkx.

Go to original post. We can make an iPXE stage 1 that does the prompting, downloads the appropriate Linux kernel, and boots that. Last modified 5 years ago. This content has been marked ljnux final.

Now my company switched to LanDesk and I need to integrate our old pxelinux menu. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. The source directory can be different on linux distributions, this is for Red Hats.

You can not post a blank message. I’d like to add that support before we deploy this.


Re: Univeral Protocol Driver (using UNDI) in Linux

I created a folder called dell. Glad I could help! Wiki Start page Index by title Index by date. Then we can just leave an appropriately-configured iPXE or even one that downloads its configuration from the network as the “Debathena” PXE menu option and not worry about the stage1 any more. I’m not sure how that will have a conflict with you choosing the same boot server, i think those numbers are embedded in the registry.

Hm, complicated stuff and still not working. Here is a screenshot:. Therefore this will only work on supported cards. What I liked about pxelinux. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Description So currently the way that Debathena PXE boot works is that we load this one kernel currently Jauntyprompt for what you want to do, including all the config options if it’s cluster, and kexec the distro you actually want to install.

Now if you want to create a special entry, just create a folder in this directory.

# (Make the stage1 iPXE instead of Linux) – Debathena

Is it possible to tell LanDesk to unsi e. Bootserver type 11 was already reserved for linuxpe. Here is an example of one of my PXE menus: Almost nobody is using DOS PE anymore so if you follow this article to remove them from the list, then you should have more space.


This can be also forced with. I know one of the many reasons we went to LANDesk over other competing products was that they had a huge community support following. I think I did everything as you described, linud unfortunately I still do not see any changes on the F8 menu.

Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: Univeral Protocol Driver (using UNDI) in Linux

Opened 7 years ago. Both options have pros and cons and each gives different results with different hardware cards.

Deploy that PXE rep. The workflow is simplified in this case:.