Additionally, the API provides support for a wide range of configurable settings to use specific features such as Extension Units or UVC controls requests. Likewise it can be used by most standard capture application such as Skype, VLC, guvcview, among others. Retrieved from ” http: Looking for Colibri iMX8X? Eventually it will be used as a USB webcam.

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The libGuvc library can be integrated on any embedded device and it is independent of the SoC architecture and kernel version. Linux-based operating systems as well as other, have support for UVC based devices such as webcams, acting as a host for the device. Additionally, the API provides gadgef for a wide range of configurable settings to use specific features such as Extension Units or UVC controls requests.

I recommend you isolate problems by first running with synthetic data. As part of the key features on the libGuvc there is the support for UVC Extension Units XU allowing the user to implement custom controls in order to meet specific design requirements with a minimum of effort. Answers Answers and Comments.

Email Required, but never shown. I haven’t used vivid myself, but unfortunately there’s a lot that can go wrong with UVC on both ends. We found an example in which the work in Freescal imx6dl-sabre board, Try to continue the research. Figure 1 depicts the software stack on a common use case scenario.


linux – create uvc device and test an application – Stack Overflow

Are you getting that error on the device, rather than the host? Answers Answers and Comments 4 People are following this question.

USB Device is detected but not mounted 1 Answer. MX6 7 Contact Us. Unfortunately when I connect my host and run the application, I get the following error:. Eventually it will be used as a USB webcam.

USB Video Class Gadget Library – libguvc

Its design allows to easily integrate the library with any video frame wrappers such as V4L2 gaget or GStreamer buffers, among others; taking care only of the real video content and allowing the user to specify the memory management for the buffer types used.

I google around but I wasn’t able to find an answer to why this is happening. Each event is mapped to specific callbacks and methods within the library and the user application in order to ensure the intercommunication.

It allows you to configure the system for your use case quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds. Do you want to make your embedded device to look like a webcam and stream video over USB to a computer?

UVC gadget driver

Sign up using Email and Password. Follow Follow this Question. This question was closed Oct 05 at Everybody in here has a NDA covering the i. Torizon Torizon is an upcoming Linux-based software platform that simplifies developing and maintaining embedded software. Since the libguvc is platform agnostic, you can also request for a custom demo image for any other platform by posting your Inquiry at our Contact Us Link directly Looking for Colibri iMX8X?


Hello Marco, Thank you for your advice.

USB Video Class Gadget Library | UVC Driver Linux | UVC Linux

If yes, then you need to implement the UVC specification. The Linux kernel has added an implementation of a UVC gadget driver to its mainline in order to help developers to create Linux based devices with UVC support. GStreamer invalid data flow kvc 0 Answers. Try to liguvc demo.

The following table list the main features provided by the libguvc and the corresponding library version:. Navigation menu Personal tools Log gqdget. Hello, We succeeded in a validation of Webcam. I’m working with a board which has Linux installed.