I use a laptop running Ubuntu for giving presentations, and my latest presentation involves talking to a Luminary LM8S evaluation board to give a demonstration. Help Ubuntu Cosmic Upgrades. Chronological Newest First This is kind of off-topic, but maybe someone has an answer. What is the LM8S? For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

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See details at http: Probably there is a driver. To obtain a complete distribution, make sure to download and install the latest version 8. Chronological Newest First This is kind of off-topic, but maybe someone has an answer.

[SOLVED] FTDI virtual COM and JTAG devices

The following drawing shows the schema of the internal database used by the dbgreg package. The time ftdu is This is accomplished by a set of Tcl packages: Also, some development boards integrate an FT chip to serve as a built-in low-cost debug adapter and USB-to-serial solution. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. It can only be opened by sudo, however the USART works correctly and this shows the serial data I expect from my embedded system.


Download and install FTDI Luminary Micro BD-ICDI In-Circuit Debug Interface Board Channel A driver

More on this in a second. Results 1 to 4 of 4. The Rat Shack cable comes up as a Prolific PL, and appears per syslog to be referenced by a driver pl The ZY has the advantage that it does not require any drivers to be installed on the developer PC.

What does dmesg say? I got the impression that the driver in the 2.

There are many clones and variations of these on the market. Source is available via CVS.

Dmesg doesn’t say a heck of a lot, but syslog is informative. In addition to these packages which form a scripting base, two application programs are available. A small device that plugs into a computer and serves as an adapter The result is this causes issues under Linux. But the laptop running Ubuntu 8. You might talk directly with them for your needs: I suggest that the easiest way to have a complete version 8.

What is the LM8S? That would seem to be the path of inquiry.

The package contains a complete set of register definitions for the Cortex-M3 defined registers, but only the System Control and Flash Control peripheral luminray are currently defined for the Stellaris chips. How are you trying to access the serial port? Once installed on a network using DHCP or a static IP assignment, users can access the ZY probe locally or remotely from any host with access to the IP address assigned to the probe.


The program luminaary a few controls, such as the ability to halt, resume or reset the core. They are, however, protocol-compatible among themselves.

At this point this is a simple program that only reads registers when they are selected and no writing is supported. I also created a second rules file, usbftdi. The ftd2chan package is a Tcl channel driver and is thus written in “C” and is delivered in compiled form for x86 Linux. I have a LM3S