At least I had to, because all faders had same names in GUI This is quite boring job to do, but once you do it, Gnome Alsamixer remembers it’s settings. I had a second email contact with Vicky Moreno from Avid, and she told me that she doesn’t know why it’s taking them so long for new El Capitan drivers for Fast Track Ultra 8R and that she’s going to contact engineering team for any news. Wish I could help further. How can I configure the interface’s internal monitoring routes? So the USB bus does detect the interface but the driver fails.

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Maybe using an older mBox driver might work for other people. Kinux is your desired use of this nice hardware, recording a band, choir, drumkit?

Linux and Fast Track Ultra

Here is the end of support page: That is very bad news. Wish I could help further. Fasy would be unthinkable to leave a customer in the dark. If you use command line alsamixer, press F5 to get both input and output sluiders visible.

How do I install m-audio fast track in ubuntu

I know this is an mBox thread, however I was able to get my r working on El Capitan using the old What does this mean? SMC reset fixed it.


July 2nd, 2. I’ve asked specifically about information on how long devices lniux get driver updates, waiting to hear back! I wonder if Avid is about to announce something about new drivers for Fast Track Ultra 8R any time soon.

Is there a company named Avid??? Anyway my fingers are crossed. I waited to download That way you can just forget all the internal routing stuff and use Jack – which is even more flexible system as we know!

They wait until the Final release and take it from there. Thanks for your ignorance Log in or Sign up. AVID has a long history of fookin’ over it’s dealers and customers good. Using software such as Parallels I am able to emulate my live windows 10 partition and run that within OS X With minimal hardware requirements tooIve even tested the interface and recording with it and it does seem to work rather nicely. Go back to Yosemite.

So concretely, I’m forced to spend money to buy another soundcard and of course it will be from another manufacturer and I’ll never buy an avid product again. On slower computers it can be good idea to use harware monitoring.


Fast Track Duo – driver for linux – Avid Pro Audio Community

I don’t get it. But they’re out there. And you can “forward” our problems and demands?

First 64 faders describe inputs, and last 64 describe outputs. Same with Fast Track Pro: Firewire hard disk often have an extra firewire port, don’t know why firewire audio interface hasn’t Other than that, I’m never buying an Avid product again and will inform my peers to do the same.


The Fast Track Ultra support has not been dropped. In order for you to get the driver to load, you must disable System Integrity Protection with csrutil.

My iMac is where all my work is done and I want to have the latest OS, also because it usually works well together with the latest iOS devices.