The WIA scan driver supports the following file types:. Use this control to lighten or darken the scanned image. LOG file appends after every scan, and develops a log of operations that helps troubleshoot scanning problems. Use this control to invert the colors in the scanned image. Use this control to change the selection area for the final scan.

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Use this control to apply a special algorithm that detects and removes undesirable patterns from the scanned image. Only native product resolutions are supported, and no software interpolation is performed.

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Use this control to invert the colors in the scanned image. The Scan Preferences dialog box contains two tabs: Please try again shortly. Convert a scanned document into editable text by using the Readiris software. Contrast or brightness modifications cannot be set on the product.

Each destination has a unique name and scan settings associated with it. Click Start and then click Run Photos are scanned at dpi and documents are scanned at dpi. Selecting this option automatically triggers a rescan because the descreen operation must take place as the image data is flowing in from the scanner.


Use sanner option to reset all the controls to their default values. However, these programs have only limited mgp for extended TWAIN options, and software that requires full support, such as Adobe and Core, might not function as expected.

The software interpolates non-native resolutions that are higher than dpi. The WIA scan driver supports the following file types:. How does HP install software and gather data? Scanning from the product control panel is possible only after the option has been configured in the HP LaserJet Scan software. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Right-click on the scanner icon in the Scanners and Cameras folder in the Control Paneland then click Scan.

Right-click on the scanner icon in the My Computer folder, and then click Scanner Wizard. The What would you like to do? Peripheral management language PML is the supported scan language. Click Help to gain access to context-sensitive help for the dialog box.

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Javascript is disabled in this browser. To gain access to the log file, follow these steps:. Available scan settings Option. Right-click on the scanner icon in the My Computer folder, and then click Scan.


HP LaserJet M1522NF Printer Scanner Copier Fax

For more information, see Scan drivers. Because the HP LaserJet Scan software does not support automatic discovery of software programs, you must specify the correct software program and specify a file type that your program supports. If you select OCRthe scanned document will be opened in the Readiris software to convert into an editable text document. HP LaserJet Scan software.

Use the arrow buttons to select an option, and then press the Start Scan or the OK button. Use this control mffp rescan the image if the original is on the flatbed scanner and to then send the image back to the program with the specified settings.

Scan drivers WIA driver note: Open the scanned item with any third-party software program that supports m15222 drag-and-drop function.

Click Cancel to cancel the creation or deletion of a scan destination. Scan a document into editable text if Readiris software is installed.