In circular interpolation operations, the error code will be stored only at the axis where the stroke limit range was violated. Because the current value within 1 cam shaft revolution is serched always from the beginning of a cycle, beware of cases where the same stroke ratio appears more than once in the cycle. Status signal This signal turns on when the zero point is passed after the power supply on of the servo amplifier. The area of an axis that is not set in the mechanical system program can be used by the user. Design the machine so that personal safety can be ensured even if the machine restarts suddenly. Device for setting magnitude comparison result b When one piece of monitor data is referred to many times to perform comparison processing, intended operation may not be performed if the monitor data is transferred every processing as shown in program example 1.

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A “number of repeats” setting of “1” is adopted. POINT When 5m120 number of pulses per virtual axis revolution is not an integer value, a virtual axis revolution may not become a rotary table revolution. M512 control by manual pulse generator inputs is disabled inputs are ignored. In any case, important information that must be observed is described. Doing so may lead to shaft breakage. Signal Direction Refresh Cycle Fetch Cycle Preset number of axes Note-1 Preset number of axes Note-1 1 to 8 9 to 18 19 to 32 1 to 8 9 to 18 19 to 32 1 to 12 13 to 24 25 to 32 1 to 12 13 to 24 25 to 32 3.


ASUS M /AS-D user’s manual(Traditional Chinese) (中文, 中文(繁體)) – page 35

If the fixing is insufficient, these may come off during operation. The high voltage terminal and charged sections will be exposed and may lead to electric shocks. Continuation operation enabled b This flag turns on the following cases. Decimal constant K b The cam axis No. Roller Torque m512 value setting device!

If greater accuracy is required, use the “address mode”. The servo program designated by the SVST instruction does not exist. Major Errors ! Real to virtual mode switching processing Note Set value for magnitude comparison D3: Number of output axis gear teeth! Set the servo amplifier capacity and type parameters to values that are compatible with the system application. At this time, the start accept flag Note M to M of the starting axis turns on. Communication task start error Each error code is reset to “00” when normal communication is restarted.

Motion extension base 1 2: Check with this speed change “0” flag.

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Output to the servo amplifier 3 The servomotor is controlled. OS Overspeed occurrence E. An axis designated as “unused” at the system settings is used in the servo as-f777 designated by the SVST instruction. Simultaneous start not executed b If “1” is set to both in the forward and reverse rotation JOG start bits of the same axis No. Smoothing time constant “t” is the time taken to reach the following condition: Designate a rapid stop deceleration time setting within the range 1 to Use as-d777 double circuit construction so that the electromagnetic brake operation circuit can be operated by emergency stop signals set externally.


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A deceleration to stop occurs in accordance with the parameter block’s “rapid stop deceleration time” setting. Automatic deceleration start V Speed change “0” t Start acceptance flag OFF Speed change “0” accepting flag g Under position follow-up control, the speed change “0” accepting flag turns ON if a speed change “0” occurs after an automatic deceleration start to the “specified address”.

After that, operation is performed in accordance with “ADU servo error-time processing setting” in system settings.

Refer to Chapter 9 for switching of the real to virtual mode. CAUTION When using the absolute position system function, on starting up, and when the Motion controller or absolute value motor has been ae-d777, always perform a home position return in real mode. However, if the servomotor of the output module j5120 to the synchronous encoder or synvhronoue encoder is operated while the power supply of the Multiple CPU system turns off, continuation operation is impossible even if the absolute position system is being used.

Make sure that the system considers the coasting amount even when using dynamic brakes.