Loudness It remains a wish that a notebook with a good performance is also very good regarding its emissions. We measured up to One of the fans is responsible for both of the video cards, whilst the other is responsible for the CPU. This indicates a very fast speed of reaction, which is above-average, compared to similar displays. Pro Robust case A variety of interfaces and their order Flashy design, color can be selected High resolution display with good contrast Top graphical performance Fast hard disk Good sound system with a variety of ports Contra Smaller weaknesses in workmanship Unergonomic position of the keyboard Floating properties of the touch pad The display’s moderate brightness and stability to the vantage point High temperature and noise emissions Low battery runtime.

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This indicates a very fast speed of reaction, which is above-average, compared to similar displays.

The cooling system on the works very well. Don’t say this looks disgusting, nobody complained about the Little Green Men so far too. All in all, I would say Alienware hit a homerun with the design of this laptop.

Besides the standard VGA-out there are e.

Interfaces at the right side. As it behooves for a notebook coming from the wide universe, which additionally is called Alienware, the primary color of the notebook is metallic bright green.


At the back edge near the vent holes environment: All interfaces of the notebook are either on its backside or at both sides in the back regions. The display could not convince us outdoorsbut this not really necessary.

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Like I said, I am somewhat of a pixel junkie, so eireless higher the resolution the better. Aurora m’s available interfaces convinced us. The upper side of the display’s cover suits a little better to the imagination of a alien electronic device. I have always wanted an Alienware, alienawre the has not disappointed. The Alienware Aurora m was developed for only one purpose: Alienware does have an excellent dead pixel policy though. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but portability is an issue at just over 13 lbs.

Noise is kept to a minimum, while running games, the fans are certainly audible, but not annoyingly so.

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The battery life on this computer is about what I expected for such a big, high performance gaming laptop. On the contrary, there was not so much space left for the left shift key and the crtl keys. The Aurora m is not the notebook with the highest performance zlienware all reviewed notebooks. Interfaces of the left side.

Alienware Aurora m9700 SLI laptop review

Even a reduction of the performance through software settings or deactivation of the SLI mode, could not keep the fans from running. The measured noise in idle mode is One of my few complaints on the is the touchpad.


Obviously, the keyboard is therefore rather wirelss appropriate for long paperwork. Above the keyboard, there is a molding, which provides a variety of special functions mail, browser, audio, The buttons below is made out of one piece and has a relatively big dead zone in its middle wreless.

If they come from AMD or Intel remains to be seen. On the left side of the laptop, there are two USB 2. With the capability of configuring dual Nvidia graphics cards, it is capable of handling a lot. There are buttons at the top of the keyboard for use wirelexs media play, stop, skip, pause, etc… a handy feature. Speakers The Alienware Aurora is equipped with 2 speakers left and right at the front edge and a Subwoofer at its bottom side.

One disappointment is that the has no option for the Turion X2.

Additionally the notebook comes with 2 slots for additional hard disks. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.