I know there is a ton more info you need so just let me know what and how to get it and I will. Figure I will get a wireless card that works with ubuntu and try that. The later involves recompiling my kernel and I did not know if that is normal for a driver install. I agree about getting out from under Windows. All times are GMT.

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mwl8k – Debian Wiki

I went back through each step in this other guide, and tried the other inf file taken from the Vista install. Most of the r series including the one I had trouble with is now supported by the in-kernel r driver with limux this driver is incompatible. Turns out WEP was the problem. There is also a graphical interface for ndiswrapper that you can use called ndisgtk. I tried finding a Linux kernel module Your search query ” Local Loopback inet addr: Now if only Lightroom would topdoy out in a Linux port.

I am on a Gateway M, I believe it is using the Marvel topdog wireless card internal. Results 1 to 5 of 5. All the commands seem to be working, but when I have entered them all in and I check iwconfig it still shows no wireless extensions. I did try depmod -a, pinux i did modprobe ndiswrapper.


Marvell 88W8363, 88W8366, 88W8687 devices (mwl8k)

So you already saved the driver INF files etc which is great. Not a member yet? Updated question with sudo lshw -C network I apologize but I have not yet learned how topvog properly post copied text in a nice format.

Here is a log I made of the terminal output, if that may be of some assistance. April 25th, 1. Wireless drivers and firmware Search Advanced search. I had to build that module manually 3 or 4 years ago for one of my boxen. Especially when you run the last command.

Been experimenting with Ubuntu at work. I copied the oem1.

All times are GMT. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Usually it would be easy to simply load the Windows.

If you copy paste from here, you wouldn’t make typos. Thank you for the responseI do know that I do not have wireless showing among my network interfaces so I can not see wireless networks and there for can not do any of the other steps.


Linux and Marvell Topdog Wireless

For your convenience, you can download it in a ZIP archive file from this website: Linux kernel modules can provide symbols for other modules topxog use. I didnt do lsmod, or iwlist wlan0.

You should now be able to see wireless networks if you click the Wi-Fi icon in the panel at the top of the screen. These are just three or four so don’t worry, it’s not ttopdog complicated. No additional firmware was needed on my install.

Please keep posting even if it works and maybe how you got it to work. Now duckduckgo ubuntu marvell topdog to find the commands you need to enter for the NDIS wrapping procedure.

I’ve just installed Ubuntu Join Date Apr Beans 4. Please refer linu HelpOnSearching for more information.