It is not Direct3D compatible. G was Matrox’s first graphics processor to require added cooling in the form of a heatsink. I’ve been using this card for the past few days and I really enjoys the performance. You can’t even see the wind on the Riva boards! Power Consumption 4 Watts. There is a work-around for your ALI-5 board at http: The QID series products supports multi-display with 4 displays in stretched mode only, with a maximum single display resolution of x

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Click here to find lowest prices on this product. It does not support hardware texture mapping.

Matrox G Celebrates Year Anniversary

Millfnium Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. OpenGL-3D Wrapper is also installed. Consider that the limited functionality of an internal bit Data Bus when applied to video cards, on any given CPU clock cycle the data being transferred via the internal bit Data Bus can only flow in one direction to the graphics engine.

Log in Don’t have an account? G was one of milllenium first cards to support this feature [ citation needed ].

Matrox G200

More resolution support may be available, please call or contact pid matrox. If you are looking for the most recent drivers, please click here. If one does need aid in installing the drivers, the manual explains the process. This time around, instead of carrying on tradition with that three fold solution to making a Y200 differ from a Mystique, Matrox chose to simply outfit the Millennium G with a faster RAMDAC the component which directly determines the refresh rate and eventually, the 2D image quality and faster, yet more expensive video memory.


One geared towards the home user market, the Mystique G, and one more fit for the Business market, rightfully entitled the Millennium G Work and play, according to virtually all video card manufacturers, can’t coexist. Drivers for older operating systems Windows 95, Window 3. Installation is similar to most Video cards.

Previously Released Drivers

Initial version of the GPU has some bugs with secondary displays and also shipped with a low clock speed because of manufacturing difficulties. Mystique was their most feature-rich 3D accelerator inbut still lacked key features including bilinear filtering.

This hurt G’s performance dramatically in these games and caused a lot of controversy over continuing delays and promises from Matrox. Technology Guides Media Contact Form.

This card comes in the above-shown packaged box, which somewhat resembles the Millennium-2 box. To fully understand where the performance and image quality come from when looking at a video card such as the Millennium G, we must turn our attention to the heart of the card, the chipset – in this case, the Matrox G Extremely useful for more professional work.


In which case you won’t have to worry about the loss of a TV-Output port since the quality of a monitor capable of legibly running at x is much better than that of a standard TV. For more information, click here 1. The Matrox Powerdesk utilities are some of the best video-card utilities in the market.

Computer-related introductions in Video cards. While one may argue that it is a simple marketing tactic to boost sales, the bottom line is that there is a product suited for every need you may have. Log in Don’t have an account? This became the benchmark behind a number of ground-breaking and award-winning innovations including:. Millfnium is an English-language driver only.

These are the contents of the box: It is capable of bit rendering millenim depth although the performance hit is considerable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unfortunatly, there is a major flaw. The G bested the older Millennium II in almost every area except extremely high resolutions. First quad-monitor graphics card for high-performance corporate, government, and industrial applications Mystique G