OK, as it looks I might get Keryx to run, so chanvces are growing: Some things that don’t work in intrepid seem to work in hardy, what do I know: Preparing to replace libcupsimage2 1. I am having exactly the same problem. Not satisfied from ubuntu I decided to install latest suse distro Version of libisc44 on system is 1:

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I found one more guide from that doesn’t comprise any of the “missing” items, maybe that will work: But to me it seems that dmraid tells that everything is there one RAID of four devices and active.


Changed in bluez Ubuntu: But something did’t work out, this is what I got: It gave me nauseating headaches within a couple of hours of looking at it. Results 1 to 10 of Log in then do the following commands. That at least counts for the NDiswrapper installation guide. You state there is. Someone want brkdge explain to me why this is in a place to do with Bluetooth?


Debian User Forums Skip to content. I can’t get a connection. Maybe a pci-express SATA controller would work.

Not satisfied from ubuntu I decided to install latest suse distro Or is there a way to do it like WUBI does? But it never connects.

Debian User Forums

And that brings us to the next step: I wanted to try something newer as the fonts in the 5. I can see Wlan networks, click them, input WPA pwd and it just disconnects.

If I get help, I can’t follow it, because “my” Ubuntu seems to be different. It appears that there are multiple issues regarding sata drives and mcp55 not playing nicely together.

– BUG: soft lockup – CPU#1 stuck for 61s! [ls]

Setting up gnome-power-manager 2. Also remind that all we are discussing now has nothing to do with the fact that the disk brdige created from a RAID. And yes, you tinkered with it and did it wromg there. This is a known problem with the dependencies.


Also sometimes if I move the cursor over the launchbar after Brifge did one of these actionsit causes a decrease in the number of frames per second.

I want to root-install my NVidia drivers but I can’t. There are five hdd, installed Bridhe up cups-client 1. OK, sorry for causing a thread to close where some people actually tried to help me out of days of frustration.

Bug # “Problems with graphic after closing fullscreen app” : Bugs : xorg package : Ubuntu

Was away to day. I’m going to sleep now. I’ll get back later: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Helpful bug reporting tips: Now what is the strange behaviour you mention? If you can get access via wired it would be a good start.