To see videos of all the latest products that are reviewed by PPCS and our select reviewers please check the links that follow. Just fill out this simple form to check:. Be the first to ask a question about this product. If you want to use the mNG as a controller of a 12V pump which is provided with a 4-pin Molex plug for ex. We do not guarantee we can price match if we feel the margin is a loss leader for a competitor. The setting is theoretically easy: If you have an account with us, please log in.

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The bigNG will be delivered by standard with four thin analogue sensors and two precise digital sensors. What’s the best 80mm and 92mm fan?

Create a PayPal Account. Find a Gift Registry First Name: Just fill out this simple form to check:. Maximum question length is The miniNG works completely independent and can also be operated without the T-Balancer. The miniNG is a 2-channel fan controller with 2 temperature sensors. I think water cooling enthusiasts will really like this product, I will be trying it with one of my pumps, I have a Laing DDCv, that does not like to start all the time when I turn the computer on, I believe the miniNG will solve this problem by throwing some more volts at it during startup.

Then the mNG adjusts your pump on the level you choose.


You can also switch with software or with jumper while system is running. Dell’s V ultra-slim laptop is the first to ship with Intel’s Hyperbaric Cooling technology. You can choose whether you want to power each channel analog or with PWM.

mCubed FanController T-Balancer miniNG (also for Laing pumps)

Read on to see how to keep your hardware cool while keeping the noise your PC makes to a minimum. Be the first to review this product Be first to ask a question. If you have seen an error on this page, please let us know. Review this product Ask a question.

While the software is complex, once you’ve got to grips with it, its very flexible and allows you to customise very accurately, which works very well.

Please allow 24 business hours for a response from our team. Using all available extension you can control all together ten analogue sensors, eight digital sensors and two flowmeters. Zalman reinvents the fan controller – transforming it from something boring and unappealing into a sleek, multifunctional panel with a cool looking LCD display. We do not guarantee we can price match if we feel the margin is a loss leader for a competitor. You can choose from many profiles like curve, step, target temperature, manual or you can just make your own profile with the T-Balancer and store it on the miniNG.

The idea of using a microcontroller to enable not only fanregulation but also monitoring works really well. Videos shine at showing the design, quality and use of the products being reviewed.


Three multi-channel fan controllers tested. With a gorgeous LCD and loads of features, is this the ultimate fan controller? Extension set digital six more digital sensorsextension set analogue 6 more analogue sensors, emergency PC power off, connector for two flowmetertwo T-Balancer miniNG more fan channelsWater kit with flowmeter and water temp probesfilling-level meter in developmentMulti-IO with 16 In- and Outputs in development.

mCubed T-Balancer miniNG – Fan Controllers

Over the mode “manually” you have the possibility to supply the pump with low voltage and thus conform it to your requirements regarding noise level and output. We find out if the sleek and stylish exterior t-balanver an equally impressive product, or if the Kaze Master is all show and no go.

We take a look at three t-balancr the latest multi channel fan controllers. Please ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. Be the first to review this product. The RPM signals can also be connected.

The user can select, if necessary, whether a voltage supply of the fans should be made via analog or with PWM.