If you do not have a softdist account yet, send me a mail with the request. It means that the actual angle where this happens can be at 50 Degrees or Degrees We use cookies in order to let you fully experience this website. You need to “activate” the device by programming it. The error will decrease with increasing number of calibration points. Please note that every measurement tool should be calibrated on regular bases to guarantee good accuracy. In your case it sound like the firmware is corrupted and does not fit with the requirements.

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Can you also confirm that you checked the communication and that all 4 data bytes are OK? Release expected by the end of the year Is it possible to determine in which mode is device without using PTC The hardware switch has to be done externally by a MUX or relay.

PTC Programmer | Melexis

This should be available on the same location as you got the software update. Do you have some suggestions about this?

Postpone the calibration due date: The HW ID field should contain something like “”. Answer I think there is a typo causing confusion here the address was meant to be http: Those resistors are implemented on the Daughter Board of the PTC so that you don’t need to connect them externally.


The output voltage will then vary between 4. Typically the error message will be;: In the latter case, Melexis does not recommend this mode of operation as it was not the intention to let the device work permanently in Mflexis.

You should contact your local sales rep to ask what options might be available. The actual status is of course that you melexid chose the PWM frequency. However, by using the multi point end-user calibration, this error can be improved. If the calibration due date is exceeded, a warning message is given.

My question is what these parameters do and the limits for first one? Next you need to connect the PTC and creat a link. The is considered as a slave node.

Melexis Products

Answer You have received parts with the default programming from the Melexis final test, what we called also un-programmed part. Play the Previous item. We also recommend performing phc-04 calibration of the PTC every year.

Angular position in degrees is fully configurable see datasheet. We look forward to your order.

Do not change any other parameter of the Main Board Description. I now have gone to use the programmer for the first time after doing my updates and I get a conflict of firmware revision, specifically error message ‘firmware revision too low, detected 1.


Select the firmware needed for your MLX product. It means that at that stage, you cannot avoid a discontinuity ptc–04 the output voltage When trying to program the chip I get errors saying that I can not write to the specified address.

It should solve your issue.

PTC-04 – Programmer for Melexis PTC devices

If this is the only error, the programmer should work OK. The operation is done using the supply and output nodes of the IC. I use a safety-critical sensor with dual MLX Wait seconds until the data is written to the device. For more information, please check AN Back-end calibrationPag 4. Can you explain me how to program a sensor in that range without errors?