Check them for correct quantities and appearance. Cutting area Set the area in which the plotter performs cutting plotting. Perform cutting a dotted line When cutting the sheet according to data, the plotter cuts Cutter the design in broken lines without cutting it out. Send the data to the plotter. Be sure to read this Operation manual carefully, before starting to operate the plotter. Setting the tool conditions Set the Tool Conditions.

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Turn the power off once and turn it on again. Functions In The Jog Mode Functions in the Jog Mode Press the jog key in the local mode, and then you can enter the jog mode, where you can perform the following settings.

A selection of three jog-speeds ensures proper and easy positioning of the head to the point. Safety Precautions Pictorial signs Pictorial signs are used in this Operation manual for safe operation and for prevention of damage to the plotter. To conduct digitization, install a sheet with patterns to select points on it.

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Installing a tool For this device, you can use the following tools. Functions in the Jog Mode Digitization operation The coordinates of the plotted figure relative to the origin are displayed on the host computer.


Image quality may depend on the pen. This explains the out- line of functions.

MIMAKI CG-60SL Operation Manual

Graphtec CE Vinyl Cutter. Operation flow Installing a tool See “Installing a tool” P.

Page 86 Dummy Cutting The plotter executes dummy cutting in front of the pinch roller that is located on the side closer to the current location of the carriage. If this order is not correctly followed, the plotter can malfunction.

Pen rollerball Pouncing Pin option: The plotter has failed to detect the Enter text from picture: Specifications of the main unit Two-point Axis Alignment Functions in the Mimaku Mode Two-point axis alignment If a ruled sheet is set, align the horizontal and vertical axes with the Compensation point appropriate lines on the sheet.

These are what we want you to know in advance.

The cutting-edge speed as well as the maximum upspeed have been increased. Status message The messages given below appear in the remote mode. Page 37 Loading a sheet of media Method of detecting a sheet When a sheet of media is set, the following two displays will ct-60sl alternately on the LCD panel.

Together with the method of operation of the plotter explained in this manual, they help you understand how to use the machine properly. FineCut software plug-in included. The processed line segments are stored in the sorting buffer.


Setting the tool conditions You must set the tool conditions adjusting to your use. Configuration and function Tray Small tools, such as a retractable knife, may mimaik placed on the tray. To avoid this trouble, be sure to set the new origin.


After completion of data transmission, P L O T the display shows the waiting time for By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Remove the pen line rubber. Cutting plotting You can start cutting plotting after completion of setting up a tool, loading a sheet and cg-660sl the tool conditions.

To print the ch-60sl completely, please, download it. Tray Configuration and function Tray Small tools, such as a retractable knife, may be placed on the tray.

Select this to sketch the cutting line. Page 28 Adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade Adjust the cutter blade according to the types of the cutters and the sheet for use.