General Scanning uses notch filter technology to prevent Scanner Notch filteroscillations from occurring in the servo loop. If proper adjustment is not possible, the notch filter frequency range may be incorrect for your setup. Also, adjusting the gain after final tuning has been completed will change the response adjusting the offset will not change the response. The connector pin functions are shown in Table 1. This allows quick acceleration of the scanner motor in response to large command transitions.

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General Scanning has implemented procedures and precautions for handling these devices and we encourage our customers to do the same. Ideally, the set point would be just above the maximum unregulated scannermotor temperature encountered during operation at the maximum expected ambient temperature. Upon receiving your components, you should note that it is packaged in an ESD-protected container with the appropriate ESD warning labels.

MiniSAX II Driver User’s Manual Pages 1 – 33 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Read the Text Version. Turn the power supply off immediately. CommandThe small-signal, accuracy-optimized tune will typically Underdampedgive a critically damped response for steps up to 10mR and Critically Dampedeither an overdamped minisa underdamped response for larger Overdampedsteps, depending upon their size.

Turn the velocity gain and position-proportional gain 4 or 5 turns CW.

In Anglethese cases a typical optimization waveform is a constantvelocity command broken by a series of stop and startpoints over the full field. Retrace time is typically minimized by increasing the error gain, while using the damping adjustmentto maintain a smooth settling on the minissx waveform.


The following tuning procedure is used when maximum accuracy is required. Mating connectors and inexpensive assembly tools are also available.

If not familiar with this equipment, you shouldcontact your sales representative to order a factory custom tuning. For more information on tuning methods, refer to section 7. Intermediate duty cycles indicate the relative power being applied to the heater.

Minisax Bag 2

On systems with the thermal control option, the J1 connector is located on the thermal control module. Be sure the power supply current ratings are enough to supply the scanner motor and driver see section 3. Now adjust the fine gain to achieve the desired scale factor.

Reflect a laser beam from the load onto a calibrated optical target, as shown in Figure 8. Otherwise, inconsistent and inaccurate scaling as well as damage to the scanner motor may occur. The easiest to generate and lowest Dual Slopeperformance command is a waveform that Structuredcommands an instantaneous retrace of the scannermotor.

Contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Materials Authorization number before returning any product for repair. The signal connector pin functions are provided in Table 2: Check to be sure that the load is securely fastened to the shaft.

Do not attempt tuning without monitoring the position signal on an oscilloscope. If proper adjustment is not possible, the notch filter frequency range may be incorrect for your setup. Increase the integrator and position-proportional gains alternately, while adjusting velocity to maintain a critically damped response.


Using an oscilloscope, monitor the position signal on channel 1 and error on channel 2 use DC coupling. Increase the error-proportional gain, while adjusting the velocity to minjsax a critically-damped response as shown inC. A matched set typically consists of galvanometer motor, mirror load, electronic driver board and interface cable.

This manual also touches on topics such as servo tuning and troubleshooting. Input a 6Vpp, 20Hz square wave into the command interface connector. Servo tuning requires the user to be familiar with equipmentsuch as the oscilloscope and function generator.

Typical vector applications include laser marking and rapid prototyping, where accurate tracking of complex waveforms is required. The ideal raster command waveform is determined bytaking the second integral of a square acceleration profile of a magnitude equal to the maximumunsaturated acceleration of the scan system. This current level is sufficient to cause damage to both the MiniSAX II driver and the scanner motor if proper heatsinking is not provided.

You have found the resonant frequency when the maximum peak-to-peak position deflection is observed.