A newer game will likely take advantage of more advanced shader models and other things that simply aren’t supported by Intel chipsets. Mobile Intel express chipset family i have the same chipset graphics on my laptop and i hope you arent running windows 7 lol im dual booting windows 7 and windows xp and openGL works in xp but not windows 7 apparently from my understanding windows 7 only came with directx 11 and nothing else and intel has yet to catch up with ati and nvidia in releasing a driver that includes openGL with it im actually in between emails with intel support their support service sucks btw so if you are running windows 7, thats the issue I’ve read somewhere that it supports up to MB, and right it does have MB. Routing cables is never fun, because you almost never get them back in exactly the right spot, so the case doesn’t always fit quite right again. You are posting a reply to:

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However, I also play a lot Warcraft 3 and it’s no problem running it at max graphics. Promote cracked software, inhel other illegal content Offensive: From there you will know if it is a system or Photoshop issue.

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Mobile Intel express chipset family To find out if it is just Photoshop or a driver issue get this: Sign In Sign Up. On paper it looks like a great chipset for a change. I’m including my g965 specifications beneath. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. To compare, we must continue to look at the memory bandwidth, Texture and Pixel Rates.


It tells me there is something up with the drivers, but win 8 says they are current. You can try it, assuming you can find a suitable motherboard, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re pretty comfortable working on the internals of computers.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. About the Author Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since All times are GMT You don’t mention your other computer specs but if they are equivalent to your graphics, it may be better to just buy a new computer. Video of the Day. Download and install the latest Intel driver ingel http: For the former, best hope is to google for Intel drivers for your gfx chipset and OS.

Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: In terms of overall gaming performance, the graphical capabilities of the Intel Express Family are noticeably better than the Intel GM Express Chipset. So I’ve googled a lot in order to find a way to add mobil memory and in some forum a guy sad that I could do it via the BIOS. It supports OpenGL 2.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Mobile IntelĀ® Express Chipset Family

You are reporting the following post: I do motherboard replacements on laptops all the time, so I can say that it’s probably not something the average person would even want to consider. Already have an account? Hey, I bought a laptop almost a year ago and have an issue with my Chipset Family.


Mobile Intel express chipset family yeah ive posted this in just as many forums myself lol i just happened by chance to drop in here from a google search as far as i know of my knowledge of photoshop, the openGL features are probably just if you want to do 3D art which has been new since CS4 i believe someone can correct me if im wrong tho cause it lets you actually move and rotate objects in 3D, but in that aspect its not as advanced as other programs like Maya for example I’ve seen situations where you have two daughter boards stacked one on top of the other, overlapping one another to plug into the motherboard at different points.

If they were going to include this feature, odds are it would have been in the first release. But just in general, laptops make for horrible gaming platforms. The two GPUs are based on different architectures, but deliver an equivalent shader performance.

So I started installing all kind of games when I got it, but then I found out that most games can’t be run on this laptop because the Chipset mohile isn’t good enough. I entered the BIOS but was not allowed to change anything that had to do with memory.