You can select individual events. This configuration requireshost port interconnects to be disabled, which they are by default. Page 16 Figure shows the ports and switches at the back of the controller. For the Maxtor disk driv es, restart controller B. Replace the controller modules, one at a time. Others are displayed as hexadecimal codes.

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These will exist only if. Wait for the virtual disk to complete it s operation. It is not necessary dvice halt operations and completely power off the.

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You cannot clear the Bad Block List Size statistic. Cooling for all hot components is passive.

Table 23 provides a sample of the T1 configuration attributes you might request for a PRI switch used in North America. If the power supply sensors report a voltage that is under or over. This chapter describes how to troubleshoo t and replace field- replaceable units.

It traces activity in the MC and b etween the MC and other. If prompted to specify the file lo cation and name, do so, optionally using a. When processing is complete, a summary page is displayed.


Depending on the used OS, you should then see a list with Adaptec enclosure devices. Using Recovery and Debug Utilities. If you select a drive that is part of a vi rtual disk, a warning me ssage is displayed. Turn the thumbscrew at the msa2012f of the power supply latch clockwise until it is. If you cannot locate a specific fault or cannot access the event logs, use.

Tab le 7 -7 Virtual Disk Faults Continued. If the drive status.

Caution – To prevent any possibility of data lo ss, back up data to another virtual. For hardware technical descriptions and for information about installing the controllers and interfaces, refer to the hardware installation and maintenance publication for your particular product. If the critical event category is selected, all critical events cause a notification.

For details on the show enclosure-status command, see the CLI refe ren ce. Also, many many thanks to ianthefira for a lot of this. Saving Log Information to a File. For more information about battery replacement or proper disposal, contact an HPauthorized reseller or service provider. Caution encoosure Do not power off the storage system during a firmware enxlosure.


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There is a danger ofexplosion and risk of personal injury if the battery is incorrectly replaced ormistreated. Click Reset Host Channel. Tab le 6 -1 Power Supply Se nsors.

To start recons truction manuallyreplace each failed. No Respon No response from target. If no properly si zed spares are available, reconstruction.

The HIM provides the host-si de interface and contains dual-port, host target. In a dual-controller confi guration, controller and ex pansion modules are hot.

SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) Device Testing Prerequisites

Removing and Replacing a Controller or Expansion Module. If no events are selected, this option is not displayed. Remember that a global.