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Many types of cakes are made and sold in the market which we can find either on the street or in some cake shops. But what about lupis? Lupis is a wet food that comes from Indonesia which is often encountered in Java. Of course many are wondering what kind oflupis it is? Lupis is a dish made from cooked glutinous rice and wrapped in banana leaves.

Lupis also has a unique shape. There are 2 forms of lupisthat can be found in Indonesia. The first lupis has a long shape that almost resembles lontong and the second is triangular. To be able to enjoy this lupis, of course, you can make your own or you can buy it at a cake shop that sellslupis. There are certain days we can enjoy this lupiscake.

Can enjoy cake on syawalan day

Aqaed– Like the day of Shawwal which is the last day of Eid, we can enjoy special Eid foods. Lupis is made from glutinous rice which is cooked and then wrapped in banana leaves. The taste of this lupis is very delicious, it has a chewy and sweet texture that makes people who eat it want to add more constantly.

The color of the lupis cake itself is greenish white. But don’t get me wrong, there are also lupis that have the same color, which is all green. This green color is obtained from pandan leaves. To be able to get a natural green color, you must use pandan leaves that have been cut = cut and then boiled until they produce a green color from panda leaves.

syawalan cake// Kue

Find cakes in traditional markets and online applications

Long-shaped lupis like rice cake can be served in a unique way. How to serve it can use grass jelly water and grated coconut. This type oflupis cake can also be obtained through traditional market cake sellers. In traditional markets you will find a variety of needs that vary from spices to traditional foods you can get.

Not only lupis cakes that can be found in traditional market cake shops but there are other cakes as well such as jenang tiwul cake, klepon, layer cake, flower mayang and many more. To be able to enjoy thelupis cake, of course we have to pay a trip to the traditional market. But if you are lazy to go out of the house and want to enjoy the lupis cake casually, you can order it through an online application.

Cakes that have existed in the Dutch era

In the online application we can order various types of household needs, accessories, food and much more. In the application, we only need to type the name of the food and it will immediately come out various types of similar foods or those with the same product name. Lupiscake also has a long history so that it can be a delicious cake and is liked by many people.

This lupis cake already existed in the Dutch era. This cake, which comes from Central Java, has also entered various regions and local cities. This triangular-shaped lupiscake can usually be found in the Padang area.

This type of cake in the Padang area becomes a heavy meal or is usually served at breakfast. Although the shape is different, this triangular lupis cake friend is the same as longlupis. How to serve it by sprinkling it with coconut and pouring it with grass jelly or brown sugar.